Watching Over Baby with Owlet

watching over baby with owlet

Watching Over Baby with Owlet

Its 2 a.m. and Im settling back into bed for the umpteenth time since my head hit the pillow at 10 p.m. Sound familiar? Then perhaps you’re spending your nights in similar fashion; making sure your itty bitty baby is still breathing. (Or, in my case, your baby AND your toddler!)

I remember going out of my mind with anxiety when Fischer was born. I couldnt even make it through a meal without checking on him multiple times. And it certainly didnt matter that he co-slept with us for 3.5 months so I could hear him breathing; I still found myself reaching out to touch his face and chest. When we moved him to the nursery, my anxiety only increased, and Id check the monitor constantly before being convinced it wasnt actually working — which resulted in me traipsing across the house to peer at him in the cribsleeping soundly. It wasnt long before the husband started questioning my sanity. :-/

Like any other parent, I was really dreading that stress with the new baby, and after doing some research I was disheartened to find that there still wasnt anything on the market to calm my fears.

And then came Owlet. I am so excited to be able to share our experiences thus far with y’all. This little device has already helped reduce my anxiety, and has allowed me to put Bear in his bassinet and walk away to eat dinner, shower, enjoy some coupletime…you know, be somewhat normal.

Owlet, Baby Monitor, iOS Monitor, Peace of mind

The Owlet is a smart sockthat tracks a babys heart rate and oxygen levels in order to alert caregivers should either become abnormal. It is also the first technology of its kind that is available to consumers! There are so many thing I already love about the Owlet after only using it for a short while, besides simply calming my nerves. Though I could go on and on, Ill share just a few highlights.




Attention to Detail

From the modern and sleek design to the specific, graphic-loaded care manual, this company has thought of everything! The device is small and compact so it doesn’t take up much room at all on my nightstand AND it will be easy to throw in our bag when we’re on the road. (It also blends in really well with all the Apple devices in our house. Haha!) And it doesn’t hurt that the packaging and sock are pretty cute, too!

Owlet, Baby monitor, iOS Monitor, Peace of mind

Intuitive and User-Friendly App

The iOS compatible device makes it easy to track Bear’s every movement, with the super easy-to-use app and alerts that show up on my computer, phone, and watch! Furthermore, both husband and I can receive alerts, so if one of us is away from our devices the other can take action as needed. They’ve also created a very thorough trouble-shooting section should the need arise. Though they haven’t released an Android app just yet, I believe it is in the works.

*You can still use the Owlet even if you don’t have an iOS device.

Owlet, Baby monitor, iOS Monitor, Peace of mind, iwatch compatible


Unlike some monitors that occupy the same sector, Owlet can go anywhere baby goes and links up with a wifi network. This means mom and dad can sleep easy while baby enjoys a slumber party at grandma’s house!

Owlet, Baby monitor, iOS Monitor, Peace of mind, Portability

Tried and True Technology

Remember how I said the Owlet is the first of its kind in the baby-monitor sector? Well, it’s because this monitor uses pulse oximetry; the same oxygen and heart rate tracking technology that hospitals use on their patients. Probably doesn’t get much safer than that!


Grows with Baby

You’ll find three sock sizes packaged with the monitor and care manual, so that as baby grows he can stay monitored. Should he outgrow the size three sock before you’re ready to be finished with the monitor, you can order a size four sock from the company. (Now, what about a toddler size 8?! haha!)

Owlet, Baby monitor, iOS Monitor, Peace of mind, Owlet socks

I honestly can’t give enough positive feedback about the Owlet to truly capture our experience thus far. Whether I’m one room over or out on a date with the husband, I know Bear will be safe and that I can check on him any time I want. While we haven’t left him with a babysitter just yet, I feel that it’ll be easier to do so this time around because of the Owlet. There is just nothing else on the market that can provide that peace of mind we all need. So, if you’ve been searching for the answer to “how will I ever sleep soundly again?”, you should definitely check out the Owlet…I guarantee they’ve created the answer!

Thanks for partnering with us Owlet, and calming this mama’s mind and heart! 

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