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Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Pajamas

valentines dayUpdated February 2, 2023


Valentine’s Day is such a sweet holiday. It’s perfect for showing your friends and family you love them! You can do that by spending time together, making a Valentine’s craft, or having a love movie marathon. It’s such a great time to create precious memories. In many places, it’s cold since it is the dead of winter, making it the perfect weather for lounging in cozy pajama sets to keep warm! There are many cute options, from classic heart designs to more neutral looks like stripes. You can even choose from short sleeve and long-sleeved sets plus zippered onesies! See below for my picks for the best Valentine’s Day pajamas.

Valentine’s Day Pajamas


Valentine's Day Pajamas for Babies

Queen of Posh Convertible One-Piece

Pink and red heart zip-up pajamas

Candy Hearts Pajamas

Rainbow candy heart pajamas

Hearts Zip-Up Baby Pajamas by MORI

Yellow heart pajamas

Pink Floral Hearts Pajamas

Buttery-Soft Snug Fit Footed Pajamas by Gerber Baby

Heart footed pajamas

Mud Pie X's and O's

Organic Zip Footie in Rainbow Paper Heart

Rainbow heart footed pajamas

Red Heart One-Piece Baby Pajamas

Red Heart One-Piece Baby Pajamas

Love Heart & Stripe Pajama Set

Red heart and stripe pant pajama set

One-Piece Baby Pajamas

Blue zip-up pajamas with love letters

Love Bug 3-Pack Sleep & Play Long-Sleeve Footed One-Piece for Baby

I Love You Organic Cotton Pajamas

Red hearts pajamas

Transportation Love Sleeper Set

Transportation love sleeper set

Pink Pup Sleeper

Onesie pajamas with a heart and dog Valentine's Day print

Pink Heart Sleeper

Pink hear print sleeper

Queen of Posh Convertible One-Piece: This convertible one-piece will keep your baby toasty and warm! It has convertible mittens and is tagless for sensitive skin.

Candy Hearts Pajamas: This two-piece set is adorable and festive with a multi-color rainbow hearts pattern. Feet can go free, or add fuzzy socks/slippers for warmth. You can also monogram this set.

Hearts Zip-Up Baby Pajamas by MORI: This buttery soft onesie is 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo fabric. We love the handy two-way zipper from head to toe for easy diaper changes and that these pajamas include fold-over scratch mitts up to 9m.

Pink Floral Hearts Pajamas: Each heart in this print is of feminine florals. The ruffle detail around the flap on the bottom is the cutest!

Buttery-Soft Snug Fit Footed Pajamas by Gerber Baby: These Pink Heart Footed Pajamas are great to warm up your baby on the coldest days! This onesie features footies with grippers on the bottom for extra stability for walkers.

Mud Pie X’s and O’s: Have you ever seen anything more darling? The sweet Xs and Os plus all the girlie ruffles! I love the matching headband for a sweet baby girl.

Organic Zip Footie in Rainbow Paper Heart: This rainbow-colored heart onesie comes in sizes up to 24 months. They feature non-skid soles for safety for walkers.

Red Heart One-Piece Baby Pajamas: The sweetest classic red heart print that is gender-neutral! This red heart one-piece is 100% cotton.

Love Heart & Stripe Pajama Set: This heart & stripe pajama set is adorable and unisex. Wearable & shareable for him, for her, for them!

One-Piece Baby Pajamas: These special delivery pajamas are perfect for your baby boy this Valentine’s Day. They’re made of 100% cotton and have long sleeves to keep him cozy and warm.

Love Bug 3-Pack Sleep & Play Set: If you’re looking for a deal, this 3-pack sleep & play set is perfect for your little love bug.

I Love You Organic Cotton Pajamas: You won’t be able to stop giving your little babe all your hugs and kisses in this onesie! It’s a cozy organic cotton interlock that is relaxed and roomy for all-day comfort.

Transportation Love Sleeper Set: We’re digging this transportation love sleeper set for your little love. Footed, two-way zipper, and fold-over sleeves, who could ask for more?!

Pink Pup Sleeper: Featuring a two-way zipper and ultra-soft sustainable fabric, this adorable sleeper onesie is too cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day! We love the heart and puppy print, and it also includes fold-over handcuffs and foot cuffs.

Pink Heart Sleeper: This soft, stretchy zipper footie will keep your little one cozy from head to toe! The adorable heart motif continues throughout the onesie. This sleeper also features fold-over cuffs at the sleeves and non-slip soles.


Valentine's Day Pajamas for Toddler Girls

Hearts Matching Pajama Set

Two-piece heart pajama set

Pink Hearts Zipper Onesie

Red & White Hearts

Watercolor Hearts Pajamas

Rainbow Hearts Set

White Heart Pajama Set

Red matching pajamas with white hearts

Heart Snug Fit Cotton PJs

Red pajamas with white polka dot hearts

Valentines Long John Pajama Set

Long john Valentine's Day pajama set

Mommy and Me Hearts Set

Floral Hearts Lounge Set

Two-Piece Toddler Pajamas - Red Hearts

Pink and White Stripes

Pink Sweet Valentine

Two-piece Valentine set

Pink Pup Short Pajama Set

Pink pup Valentine's Day pajama short set

Hearts Matching Pajama Set: Pink and red hearts are precious and perfect for a day of love! This set comes with a long sleeve top and shorts.

Pink Hearts Zipper Onesie: This cotton zipper onesie has a pink background with heart patterns. It comes in newborn sizes through 3T.

Red & White Hearts: A red and white heart set that either gender can wear! It features cuffed wrists and ankles to ensure they stay put without riding up.

Watercolor Hearts Pajamas: These pajamas come in sizes up to 12 for older kiddos to join the fun! The watercolor style print design is precious.

Rainbow Hearts Set: This long-sleeved pajama pant set has rainbow-colored hearts throughout on a white background. It also comes in sizes up to 14!

White Heart Pajama Set: This classic white hearts-on-red matching pajama set is gender-neutral! This set is a pull-on style and has an elastic waistband.

Heart Snug Fit Cotton PJs: A precious print with polka dot white hearts. Made with 100% cotton and has long sleeves to keep them warm!

Valentine’s Long John Pajama Set: Perfect for cold climates! This long-john set is cozy and warm, with organic cotton for extra softness. I love that the whole family can even match with this print!

Mommy and Me Hearts Set: Honeydew makes excellent pajamas! These neutral heart sets also have an adult match for moms and daughters to enjoy wearing together.

Floral Hearts Lounge Set: This set is adorable and features a floral heart design! It can also be monogrammed and makes a great gift for your little one.

Two-Piece Toddler Pajamas – Red Hearts: This two-piece set is 100% organic cotton. The red heart design is a holiday classic!

Pink & White Stripes: Pink and white stripes for a sweet look! This set comes trimmed in grey around the collar, wrists, and ankles.

Pink Sweet Valentine: Our hearts are full, and this pink sweet Valentine two-piece set is perfect for your little girl. They scream LOVE!

Pink Pup Short Pajama Set: We are LOVING this two-piece pajama short set that will have your toddler sleeping comfortably, and cute! The pink pup print is adorable and festive for Valentine’s Day.


Valentine's Day Pajamas for Toddler Boys

Blue Puppy Love Pajamas

Blue puppy love pajamas

Love Bug Organic Pajama Set

Love Bug Organic Pajama Set

Sesame Street Valentines Long John Pajama Set

Sesame street heart print Valentine's Day pajamas

One-Piece Heart Pajamas

Truck Valentines Gray Striped Pajamas

Heart truck Valentine's Day pajamas

Valentines Long John Pajama Set

Blue pajamas with heart print

Hearts & Stripes Pajama Set

Yellow hearts and stripe pajama set

Peanuts Valentines Long John Pajama Set

Peanuts Valentine's Day pajamas

Hugs & Hearts Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton

Colored Hearts Lounger

Blue Heart Print Pajama Set

Blue heart print pajama set

Blue Puppy Love Pajamas: You can personalize this adorable two-piece puppy love pajama set with a monogram! This would be such a cute Valentine’s Day gift for your little.

Love Bug Organic Pajama Set: Your little Love Bug gets their very own adorable PJs with a super cute striped red print in 100% organic cotton to keep them extra cozy and super snuggly.

Sesame Street Valentines Long John Pajama Set: This soft and durable set has an adorable Elmo print that your little one will love! This is a fun print that they can wear year after year.

One-Piece Heart Pajamas: Looking for a one-piece option? This red and white print is perfect!

Truck Valentines Gray Striped Pajamas: If your little guy loves trucks, these Valentine’s Day pajamas will be his jam! Have your kiddos match in these truck Valentine pajamas this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Long John Pajama SetThis pajama set has a sweet design in organic cotton for extra softness. Your little guy is sure to love these.

Hearts & Stripes Pajama Set: This pajama set has the softest fabric. The top also has poppers on the shoulder for up to 2 years to make changing your little ones easier.

Peanuts Valentines Long John Pajama Set: We grew up watching Snoopy, and now your little one can fall in love with Snoopy this Valentine’s Day with these pajamas!

Hugs & Hearts Long John Pajamas In Organic Cotton: Sweet dreams are made of these hugs & hearts pajamas!

Colored Hearts Loungers: These loungers have many colored heart patterns. The neck, cuffs, and ankles have red for a festive feel!

Blue Heart Two-Piece Set: These precious blue hearts print pajamas come in a comfortable two-piece set! The pants have an elastic waistband for extra comfort. The long-sleeve top is finished with two snaps on the left shoulder for easy on-and-off access! 

A fun Valentine’s Day tradition to begin would be gifting your littles a bucket with all the things to have a movie night! Start with an adorable bucket or basket and fill it with items like a new movie, popcorn, s’mores ingredients, candy, etc. You could also include fuzzy socks and a new pair of pajamas for Valentine’s Day! Maybe even a warm throw for them to cozy up with!

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