Operation: Sneaky Food – Getting Your Toddler to Eat Vegetables


By Lanie Towsley

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Lanie Towsley is a wife, mother to her two boys, and has a huge passion for maternal health, nutrition, and fitness.

Everyone warned me “he’s going to hate veggies one day”. But I knew better, MY son would eat EVERYTHING. Until he didn’t. After growing tired of the daily struggle, I took the advice of some seasoned mommas and decided it was time to get sneaky.

I had the idea to make mini egg muffins after I used my mini muffin tin to make chicken-balls. (I’ll post that recipe soon!) Didn’t seem too hard to whisk some eggs, throw in some veggies and be done with it. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts (hollow egg muffins were NOT the goal), I searched the internet and found several helpful answers and recipes! The one I liked the best is GiGi’s dairy-free, gluten-free version found here.


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What I love MOST about these egg muffins is that you can really combine any spices and veggies you want. One flavor I know I can get Fischer to eat is Tex-Mex, so I went with that. I chopped up ½ cup bell pepper, ½ spinach, a shallot, ¾ cup green onion, and ½ cup carrots. (I chopped everything very small so that Fischer wouldn’t really notice they’re veggies.)

I also threw in 2 tablespoons of Bragg’s nutritional yeast for a little added “cheesy” flavor and extra nutrients. I whisked the 4 eggs with the Tapioca flour and baking powder per instructions, added ½ tbsp of cumin for that Tex-Mex flavor, mixed veggies in with the eggs, greased up the mini muffin tin, and I was ready to pour it all in.

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After 30-minutes (10 minutes of chopping and mixing then 20 minutes cooking at 375 degrees), the muffins came out of the oven perfectly dense and fluffy…instead of hollow like the first few batches.


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And…perfect timing since little man woke up early from his nap as hungry as a bear…

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Upon inspection, he decided to give them a try and thankfully they were a big hit!

After seeing how quickly he chowed down, I tried one for myself. YUM! These egg-muffins will make a perfect protein snack after a work-out or a grab-and-go breakfast item the WHOLE family can enjoy!


Let me know what go-to recipes you use when you need get sneaky!




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