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9 Tips to Reclaim Those Manic Mondays

lifestylePublished April 25, 2016


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Let’s face it. Mondays are rough. Anyone who says otherwise is a big, fat liar. After a fun-filled weekend, the last thing you feel like doing is returning to the daily grind on Monday morning. Am I right? However, Monday is a necessary evil — we have to survive Monday if we want to make it to Friday. But why is our goal survival alone, when we could be thriving?! Here are some practical tips and tricks to help us reclaim those manic Mondays!

1. Identify the problem.

What is it about Mondays that makes you so manic? Do you feel rushed and unprepared for the week ahead? Are you just exhausted? Do you have entirely too much on your plate? Once you’ve identified the problem(s), you can devise a solution, and take back your mornings.

2. Be prepared.

Plan ahead! What can you do to make Monday morning less hectic? Maybe this means picking out everyone’s clothes the night before or packing lunches and backpacks and having them ready to grab by the front door. You can even make breakfast ahead of time. And never, ever leave dishes in the sink overnight. That is the last thing you want to wake up to on Monday morning. Take a few minutes Sunday evening to make Monday more manageable.

3. Reflect on your blessings.

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week. Grab a cup of coffee, and spend a few minutes reflecting on the fun things you have to look forward to in the upcoming week. Jot down three things you are thankful for, or say a quick prayer asking for patience. Joy doesn’t just happen to us. We have to choose it daily.

morning coffee

4. Try a technology free morning.

Be honest. Most of us grab our smart phones to check email and social media as soon as our alarm clocks go off — this can be a huge waste of time (which leaves us feeling rushed and frantic). Why not just ignore our phones until we are out the door? Or if we aren’t going anywhere, why not wait until breakfast is eaten and the dishes are done? There’s nothing so important that it can’t wait until after you’ve properly fueled up for the day ahead.

5. Get enough sleep and wake up early.

This one is a no-brainer. You can’t be at your best if you’re sleep deprived. You may need to go to bed an hour earlier. Experts recommend we get seven to nine hours of sleep per night. You are not a robot. So get some rest! Sleeping in on Monday morning only puts you behind — Mondays are terrible enough without running late!

6. Dress for success.

This one sounds superficial, but can make a huge difference. Leave enough time in the morning to shower and get dressed. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself — dirty, stained yoga pants probably aren’t the best choice. When you look like crap, you tend to feel like crap. No one is advocating that you wear a full-length ball gown for kindergarten drop-off, but why not take the time to throw on a nice shirt and jeans? You deserve it, mama.

7. Vow to do something nice (for someone else).

When we’re feeling especially crummy, doing something nice for someone else can help us step outside of ourselves, and feel better in return. It’s science, people. How cool is that?

8. Keep your schedule light.

Mondays are not the day for over-scheduling. Keep your head held high, and your dreaded To Do List light. That’s what Tuesdays are for — venti coffees with extra whipped cream also help.

mom and daughter

9. Plan to do something fun!

Whether it’s donuts for breakfast, or a special treat for lunch — sometimes we just have to reward ourselves. Plan a fun and relaxing evening in front of the television with your favorite bottle of vino. Whatever it takes to get you through. Who says Mondays have to suck? We say Mondays can be one of the best days of the week! It’s all about perspective.

Got any other fabulous ideas for managing the Mondays? We would love to hear! Feel free to share in the comments section below. Let’s make manic Mondays a thing of the past!


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