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There is no one “right way” to give birth or parent a child

Published July 17, 2020

by babychick


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As soon as a woman becomes pregnant she will hear ALL kinds of unsolicited advice from everyone around her. Friends, family members, even strangers will tell her what they went through and what they think she should do with her body and her baby. ?  And this unsolicited advice continues long into parenthood. ⁠

Something that I think ALL mothers should know and learn is that you do NOT have to own or accept any information or stories someone tells you if it does not serve you. If it’s unhelpful and not inline with your choices, hopes, and desires as a mother, then as soon as it was received immediately discard it. Don’t harbor any information that does a disservice to you. The mind is a powerful thing. When we are told war stories and how terrible, awful, or painful things were for them (pregnancy, childbirth, or parenthood), that can live and stay with you. You do not have to own someone else’s story. It may have been told with good intentions, but if you do not find value in it, let it go. Release it and surround yourself with positive talk, uplifting stories, and happy, respectful, and supportive people.⁠ Be bold enough to go against the grain if you must and do what is right for you and your family.⁠

Ultimately, listen to your intuition. There is no one “right way” to give birth or parent a child, but there is a right way for you and your family which may look different than other families’ choices around you. And that’s okay. And if you’re unsure of what your intuition is telling you, seek counsel from people who you admire and trust.⁠

You’re doing great and if you didn’t know this, you’re already a great mother. ?


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