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That you’re tired

Published July 3, 2020

by babychick


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Taking care of a little person or multiple little people can be exhausting. Then add caring for your home. Chores. Maybe a career. Nourishing your relationship with your partner, friends, and family members. Taking care of the family pets. Then working out. Eating right. Trying to find the balance of it all.

Can I just give you permission to let all of that go? This pressure to do everything and excel at everything. We shouldn’t feel the pressure of “doing it all” because it’s physically impossible to do it all. You’re tired. You deserve a break. However, 2020 didn’t get the memo. The great thing is that you are strong. You are stronger than you even know or give yourself credit for. Even if your only accomplishment is feeding the kids and keeping the house somewhat normal. Sometimes the goal of the day is to survive, and that is okay.

No one has had to live in this day in age with the demands that are set on mothers through Covid-19. You are paving the way. You are doing it. So, please, don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t feel like you have to do it all or feel guilty that you aren’t doing enough. Because if you keep pushing yourself, not only will you be tired, you will be burnt out. And that isn’t good for you or the family. In the end, you know how kids spell love? T-I-M-E. Keep putting in the time with your family. Keep doing your best. Even through the tiredness, you are a great mother.


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