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You don’t have to love your pregnancy to love your baby

Published July 3, 2020

by babychick


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When I was pregnant with my first child, I didn’t really experience any terrible discomforts until I was at the very end of my pregnancy. Restless leg syndrome was a bit annoying, I had Braxton Hicks all throughout my pregnancy starting at 18 weeks but it wasn’t bad, I had a tiny bit of carpal tunnel, and pubic symphysis pain at the very end, which wasn’t fun. But overall my pregnancy was great! I loved being pregnant. I felt beautiful and was so happy. However, my second pregnancy (so far) is a different story. And it’s just the beginning . . .

I’ve had constant nausea and fatigue, irritability, and food aversions starting at 6 weeks gestation. What makes all of this extra difficult is that I also have to take care of a toddler and deal with being quarantined at home. Needless to say, it’s hard. And it sucks. But does that mean I don’t love my baby? Absolutely not! Does it mean that I wish I wasn’t pregnant? Heck no! It just means that sometimes growing a baby is hard work and that work isn’t always fun or easy.

To all the women you have or have had difficult pregnancies . . . I am so sorry. I now understand. I feel you. It’s awful. We can’t wait to be done, but at the end of the day we know that it will all be worth it when we meet our babies. We can do this. We can get through this. And with a little support from us all and helpful tips (peppermint, sparkling lemonade, thin pretzels, and grazing lightly throughout the day have helped) we will get through this.

Sending positive vibes and love out to all the pregnant mamas!


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