2016 New Shoe Must-Haves


2016 New Shoe Must-Haves

“I have this little substance abuse problem. Expensive footwear.”  – Carrie Bradshaw

A new year calls for new shoes. At least in my book it does. Montana was hard on my shoe collection. The Treasure State is beautiful, but it is also dirty and rugged. Mama is more than ready for an upgrade in 2016. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity when it comes to shoes. I don’t mind spending a little more for something that I know will last. Here are a few shoes I am currently coveting.


Dolce Vita Juneau Booties


Available from anthropologie.com ($200)

Admittedly, I am a little late to the bootie party. (That just doesn’t sound right.) I have admired booties from afar for quite awhile now — but it has taken me some time to find a pair I could really commit to. But these booties just do it for me. Hook, line, and sinker. They would be fabulous with jeans, dresses, and everything in between. Sign me up, I need a pair! (Or for someone to email this blog post to my husband. Either way. 😉 )

Billy Ella Lace Up Flats

ballerina flats

Available from anthropologie.com ($178)

These flats are just swoon-worthy. Maybe it’s the former (lifetime) ballerina in me, but there’s something fantastic about a simple, lace-up shoe. They also remind me — just a bit — of the adorable shoes you see Irish step dancers wear. And performing with Michael Flatley in The Lord of the Dance was always a closet ambition of mine growing up. So basically I’m going to need these shoes in my closet. Now.

Tory Burch Logo Minnie Travel Ballet Flat in Shiraz

tory burch

Available from toryburch.com ($225)

Pretty yet practical flats are a must-have staple in any stylish mom-on-the-go’s arsenal. I have been a big Tory Burch fan for a long time now. You just can’t beat her super chic shoes. The simplicity just appeals to me, probably a lot like a cat and his nip. I can’t explain it, and I won’t even try. I love that these particular flats come in a color called ‘shiraz’. Shoes and wine — it just doesn’t get any better than that.


Christian Louboutin “So Kate” Pointy Toe Pumps

Available from nordstrom.com ($675)

I couldn’t leave a pair of truly fabulous designer heels off this list, now could I? I am probably the last grown, adult, woman on the face of the planet (or at least in Houston) to own a pair of the coveted, red-soled shoes. But I am okay with that. I think these are a reasonable almost-thirty purchase, don’t you? I’d take them in black or nude (or both). I’m really not picky. P.S. My toddlers will NEVER touch them. EVER.

Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boots

hunter boots

hunter boots

hunter boots

Available from hunterboots.com ($150)

While living in Montana, I (obviously) acquired a collection of tall and winter-proof boots. Let me tell you, slipping on ice while pregnant is not cool. But now that I am back in Texas (the land of torrential downpours), I think I need some rain boots. And when you need rain boots, think Hunter boots. Chic and stylish, these boots — paired with some warm winter socks — also make ideal footwear when that freak snowstorm blows into town (about every five years). Because your kiddos will not accept “no” for an answer when it’s snowman building time.

Are there any shoes you are dying to purchase in 2016? Do you have a favorite pair you purchased in 2015? From one shoe-lover to another, we would love to hear about them! Happy shopping, my Mommy Chick lovelies!

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