Natural Teething Solutions (That Actually Work!)

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Natural Teething Solutions (That Actually Work!)

Teething is rough – let’s face it. It’s rough on baby, it’s rough on mommy. It’s rough on sleep, it’s rough on sanity. It’s rough on clothes, it’s rough on toys. It’s just rough all around! And it left me looking for some natural teething solutions.

My daughter didn’t experience much teething pain when she began to develop her pretty little smile. But my son on the other hand – oh, my son. It’s like every tooth he starts to cut brings on the wrath of squeals and saliva.

However, as a more naturally minded mom, I wanted to avoid teething tablets and over the counter gels as much as I possibly could. In fact, according to a 2016 CNN article, “The American Academy of Pediatrics has warned parents to stay away from teething tablets that contain belladonna and gels with benzocaine, citing the FDA warnings and the potential side effects.”

The last thing I want is for my baby to experience unnecessary side effects or harm during such a delicate age. So, I started looking for more natural teething solutions instead. Here are the things that we’ve done for him that have been both effective and efficient:

Cold Things

A wet washcloth, a bag of frozen peas, ice cubes – anything that can be cold enough to numb their little mouth is a great idea. Of course, be sure this “cold thing” is not something small enough to swallow and choke on – but rather within something that is grabbable and chewable.

Applying Pressure

It’s natural for babies to try and chew on mommy’s fingers in the first place. So, when we noticed that was a comfort mechanism for our son while he is teething, I would apply pressure over his little gums when he started getting fussy. It was not only soothing for him, but it helped alleviate the pain at the same time.

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Amber Teething Necklace

Some people think these things are just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but many moms swear by these! Amber teething necklaces are made out of Baltic amber. It is said that when a baby wears one of these necklaces, his body heat will trigger the release of a small amount of oil from the beads containing succinic acid, and gives an analgesic effect on swollen or sore gums.

Teething Toys

Not only do teething toys work wonderfully for my son, it also diverts his attention away from the pain he is currently feeling. There are tons of teething toys on the market that you could buy at a store. However, for my son, the more interactive the toy, the better. So the teething toys we buy him squeak, rattle, or make some sort of noises.

Essential Oils

For us, essential oils have been the best thing for my son. Teething is a natural occurring process for babies, so we would simply apply oils on him that would support his body through this stage. We would get a drop of Copaiba Vitality essential oil and apply it directly on his gums. That oil is very gentle in feel, and sweet in taste. We would also apply Frankincense and Lavender along the outside of his jawline as well. These oils were soothing upon application and comforting in their aroma, too.

We get it – this teething thing isn’t an easy stage to walk through. However, if you can help your baby through this time with the best natural teething solutions, you’ll be able to comfort them without harmful side effects, which is totally worth it if you ask me!

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