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Mommy Chick of the Month: Stephanie Pascarella from Wash with Water

mommy chickPublished November 6, 2017

by Mary Alice Carpenter

Licensed & Certified Professional Midwife


We’re so excited to introduce you to Stephanie Pascarella, mother and founder of Wash with Water Organics, a holistic bath time line for the entire family. In her interview, she shares with us her inspiration behind starting the business, the magic of bath time, and her secret to a happy and health marriage.

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Mary Alice:  What sparked your interest into organic skin care products for the whole family? How did you start making your own?

Stephanie:  My Vermont childhood certainly instilled a deep desire to maintain a healthy and happy footprint with Mother Nature. I grew up inspired by the vast farmland and farm-to-table culture (way before it was trendy). Soon after my first baby, Violet, was born there was a gravitational pull to create a world around her that resembled the simplicity that I was raised on. I was ready to go back to my roots and bring farm-to-bathtub with small-batch crafted organic skin and hair products designed from tender moments I have experienced as a mother.

MA:  What’s the mission of your work with Wash With Water?

S:  During a hectic day of work and play, finding a quiet moment for you and your family can be challenging. That’s why Wash With Water is dedicated to crafting all-natural, organic skin and hair products that remind us to slow down and enjoy the little things that make life beautiful. All of our award-winning, made-in-the-USA products are created using only ingredients chosen with the utmost care. Small-batch crafted with ingredients such as Moroccan Argan and Tamanu oils to ensure that our products are ultra-gentle, hypoallergenic and perfect for every stage of your family’s life — protecting baby’s delicate skin, maintaining mama’s healthy glow and caring for your child as she grows.

Stephanie Pascarella, Wash with Water, Mommy Chick, baby chick

MA:  What is your number one must-have product?

S:  Ooooh that’s a hard one! Sweetpea & Me lotion has definitely help put Wash with Water on the map globally and what we are now known for. It is the perfect daily luxury for bebe and grown ups alike. And our Care & Repair Balm is the go-to solution for any skin issue from scraps and cuts to stretch marks and eczema.

MA:  Can you share an insider green beauty tip for mom?

S:  Everyone who knows me knows my love for “inside and out” beauty. Our “medicine cabinet” always starts with what is stocked in the kitchen from the local farmers market. I swear by gut health as a catalyst for beautiful skin (kimchi and homemade kombucha) are my staples. Plus the one product that a newbie to the green world can adopt really easily (and see a huge skin improvement) is our Ultimate Bar Soap. For every 10 bars sold, a native plant or tree is planted so it is definitely a win win!

Stephanie Pascarella, Wash with Water, Mommy Chick, baby chick

MA:  What do you do to take care of yourself while juggling work and family life?

S:  I do meditate every morning, and right before I go to sleep each night. This really helps provide focus and acceptance for each day and faith that tomorrow brings a whole new set of opportunities. I also love to journal–it provides such a healthy outlet for reflection. Daily: I find putting aside even just 20 minutes to catch up with a girlfriend or go for a walk is a great recharge. Once a month: I also love finding retreats or events, that are not related to any of my titles as “mom, wife, CEO” and just connect with being Stephanie. HeyMama is one of my favorites and such an incredible outlet for such opportunities.

MA:  How do you foster one-on-one relationships with each of your children?

S:  My parents set such an incredible example and really valued “one on one” time with my siblings and me. Saturday morning pancake dates with my dad was my special time (a tradition we still do today). Both my husband and I are self-employed with flexible schedules and blessed to have a lot of help here in Charleston with active grandparents. Plus, I have a variety of ages to work with (Violet 11, Valentina 4, Vonn 2) so naturally the kiddos’ interests are varied which is a bonus. I go from tween girl chat to hanging upside down on the monkey bars!

MA:  Do you have an important ritual or routine that helps you connect with your husband during busy weeks?

S:  Keeping a standing “Wednesday” date night! Also investing in an amazing marriage counselor very early on in our relationship has allowed us to really both shine in the romantic, parenting, and professional department. We love having a marriage mentor–I know I would give this as a wedding present for any new couple.

Stephanie Pascarella, Wash with Water, Mommy Chick, baby chick

MA:  What has mothering taught you?

S:  Raising and loving children has helped me place value on “uncomplicating” all of the outside chaos. I trust my instincts and believe regardless of the challenges we may face there is an overwhelming amount of goodness all around us. Mothering has taught me to keep my heart wide open.

MA:  What are your hopes for your children’s futures? For the next generation?

S:  I hope Violet, Valentina, and Vonn find their joy, their voice, and share this passion with everyone they meet. And maybe not so secretly, I hope one of my babes will want to be my boss someday at Wash with Water.
I am really inspired to foster an inclusive community with our extended family (otherwise known as “washies”) so all children can love, create, and chase their wildest dreams. Together we are limitless.


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