Mimi Brian Vance | Author & Language Specialist

mimi brian vanceMimi Brian Vance | Author & Language Specialist

Mimi Brian Vance is the author of the Words by the Handful Books, a series of four childrens board books that teach baby sign language through a delightful read-aloud experience.  She also teaches parent-child classes in Houston, and trains preschool teachers who want to incorporate signing into their classrooms. This mom of two was a United States Diplomat for nearly a decade, serving in four overseas posts and in Washington, D.C.  A native of Louisiana, she is a life-long language specialist, and is always working on new ways to make it easy for families to bring baby signs into their lives. www.wordsbythehandful.com

Learn How To Do Baby Sign Language | Baby Chick

Learn How To Do Baby Sign Language

You gaze into calm baby's eyes and wonder lovingly what your precious cherub is thinking. Two hours later, you try desperately to get a glimpse of the eyes of the wild creature (formerly your precious cherub) writhing, fussing, crying in dramatic fashion, hoping you can ...

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