Maternity Swimwear: Our Favorite Suits for 2016


By Jessica Tomes

Wife, mommy to three precious little girls, currently pregnant with baby a boy, and owner of The Plaid Pony!

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Jessica Tomes is a wife and mommy to three precious (but rambunctious) little girls. She is currently pregnant with baby number four, and can’t wait to meet HIM this September! She has a degree in broadcast journalism from Texas Christian University. She owns The Plaid Pony, an upscale online boutique featuring curated favorites for infants through tweens — and is so excited to launch The Plaid Pony Home this Fall! She is passionate about writing and marketing impeccably designed clothing and furniture, and this wonderfully beautiful mess we call motherhood. She happily resides in Houston, Texas — eating all the Tex Mex she can get her hands on!

Can I just be blatantly candid here? Feeling sexy and desirable in a maternity swimsuit is pretty close to impossible. (Maybe if I were six or ten inches taller, and the baby weight was distributed more evenly I would have a different opinion on the subject. But it is what it is.) And don’t even get me started on the extremely limiting options; you basically have nothing to choose from — it’s like you’re wrapping yourself in a plastic garbage bag and saying, “here I am!” Yikes. No one wants to feel like that.

I will admit that if you are willing to spend the money, there are some cute options to choose from — of course, not everyone is going to want to spend $100+ on a maternity swimsuit. And I totally get that. But when you live in Texas, where the 80 degree temperatures begin in mid-February, you do what you have to do. Can I get an amen? I’m due in July; you can bet my pregnant booty is going to be in that swimming pool. 😉


So I’ve done the research for us. After wading through the truly terrible, I’ve rounded up five maternity swimsuits I actually really like (and am very seriously considering ordering). Disclaimer: There are no bikinis on this list — this is baby number three for me, and no one (not me, not my family, not our friends down the street) needs to be subjected to that. haha! But seriously, if you’ve got it, by all means flaunt it, girlfriend! You’ve got to feel comfortable and happy. That’s all that matters. Here are the suits that I chose.

Classic in Black ($108) from Maternal America

black one-piece

Sassy in Menthol ($138) from Maternal America


Retro Vibes ($96) from Pez D’Or

deep v neck one-piece

Punchy in Pink ($79) from Seraphine

cerise bathing suit

Nautical in Stripes ($79) from Seraphine

nautical stripes

What do you think? Pretty cute, am I right? And it’s amazing what a stylish pair of sunglasses and a big floppy hat can do for an outfit (or a swimsuit). I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject! Where did you find your favorite maternity swimsuit? I’m sure I will need a couple to get me though this long summer. Make sure to tag your photos on social media using the hashtag #mommychick!

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