Mary Alice Martin | Manager & Editor

Mary Alice Martin | Manager & Editor

Howdy! My name is Mary Alice, and I’m a native, baby-loving, Houstonian!

Growing up I would sit in front of the television and watch reality shows about childbirth—I was obsessed, but also terrified. The thought of one day going through labor and delivery really scared me, and I didn’t realize there were alternatives to what I was watching and to my mother’s own horrific birth experiences. At the ripe age of sixteen I read a memoir written by a midwife and I was hooked; I just knew that I was called to make experiences of childbirth and motherhood more peaceful and meaningful for families.

I’ve been working as a birth doula for over four years, helping families to have gentle and empowering birth experiences. As a postpartum doula I facilitate peaceful transitions into parenthood by teaching feeding techniques, newborn care, sleep schedules, and more! In addition to my work here at Baby Chick, I am currently enrolled in midwifery school and am the Assistant Manager at Bassett Baby Planning. In my free time, you can find me in downward dog, cooking cacio e pepe, or cuddled up with a good book.


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