MAMA + BABY Valentine Gift Guides


MAMA + BABY Valentine Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day is nearing and your significant other may already be wondering what sweet and special surprises he can snag for mama and baby this year! If your partner is needing some inspiration, I’m sharing some pretty little things I think will give you ALL the heart eyes! ????



Scallop Wallet | Panties | Love Knot Choker | Blush Scallop Blouse | Lace Eye Mask | Lingerie Bag

For Mama

Something about scallops reminds me of handmade Valentine’s of days gone by and I find them incredibly romantic and sweet. Whether you wear them on your clutch or blouse, they are the perfect accent for any V-Day date ensemble and would make a lovely gift. Speaking of accents, let’s talk about this stunningly mommy chic(k) love knot choker necklace. It’s #OOTD fashionable and no dangling parts for baby grab, which I think all mamas can appreciate! Lastly, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some lingerie… But if I’m being perfectly honest, my definition of “sexy” has changed a bit post motherhood and I would much prefer some pretty lace panties gifted in a charming canvas lingerie bag to a complicated corset these days. Plus, who has the time when you’re sneaking in nookie during nap time any way, am I right? Speaking of naps, this glamorous eye mask is calling my name! There is nothing more romantic than the gift of sleep to this mommy!


For Baby

For a baby’s first Valentine’s I can’t get over the sweetness of this personalized wooden heart teether, it’s such a sweet keepsake. And all babes need their bums covered, so why not pick up a pack of XO print diapers too! For toddlers instead of candy, I opt for a small Heart Day “happy” like something festive to wear or play with.  A gilded heart headband or rad red pair of moccasins would be precious on your favorite tiny person. Tots are of course all about the toys and we love JellyCat’s snuggle bunnies as well as Kid O cars around here. Both hold up so well that your mini Valentine will get to enjoy them long after February.

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