Living the Chic(k) Life


Living the Chic(k) Life

Every company has a slogan/ tag line that they live by. Ours at Baby Chick is “living the chic(k) life®”. You all may be wondering what this slogan means and why I picked it for my company. Well, today I’m going to give you the scoop on the whole story.


At Baby Chick, “Living the Chic(k) Life®” means living your best life with style, grace, and confidence.

Women and the stereotype of mothers and motherhood have changed throughout the generations. In the past, once a woman became a mother it was as if she was no longer allowed to feel sexy, beautiful, independent, strong, have a voice, have choices, or be who she wanted to be. She’s now a mother and she’s supposed to be like her mother or her mother before her and sacrifice her dreams and everything she is in order to be a good mom by society’s standards.

"I'm not a woman anymore. I'm a Mom." - SNL

“I’m not a woman anymore. I’m a Mom.” – SNL

Thankfully things have changed and we are in a new era of the modern mom. Yes, mothers still sacrifice everyday for their families, which is not a bad thing (it’s necessary), but they don’t have to sacrifice who they are as women, what they can feel, what they can do, and what they can dream and want to be. Mothers are amazing. They do so much, juggle it all, and are the backbone of the family. Now mothers are able to be themselves, share their voice, and live their dreams. This is what “living the chic(k) life®” is all about and we at Baby Chick celebrate that and motherhood everyday.



To break it all down and explain “chic(k)”, we are playing with the words “chic” and “chick”. We are referring to how mothers can still be chic even when she’s wearing a top knot and yoga pants because she is able to live her truest, most authentic self, and be the woman and mother that she wants to be. THAT is real beauty, being yourself and having confidence. Putting the parentheses around the “k” is obviously referring back to Baby Chick. This is our slogan, after all. And everything that we are doing here at Baby Chick is all about empowering women to live the chic(k) life, living their best life with with style, grace, and confidence. How so, you ask?

  1. We educate women through our blog by providing the best information for them to make the best choices for themselves and for their family. We write about fashion, makeup tips, nursery design/home decor, pregnancy/birth/parenting tips, and so much more. All of the topics that we cover allow women to feel more confident about their journey through pregnancy and parenthood which in turn helps and encourages them to be the amazing women and mothers that they are. To me, confidence is the ultimate fashion statement and this style trend will forever stand the test of time.
  2. The products that we offer in our shop are made with these women and mothers in mind to make them feel cool, sexy, and chic! Even if she just rolled out of bed and is getting breakfast ready and rushing to carpool, she can throw on one of our pieces and feel good about what she is wearing and what it stands for because she is living HER chic(k) life.

This is why “living the chic(k) life®” is our slogan. We are helping and encouraging women and mothers to live their best life with style, grace and confidence.

living the chic(k) life

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