Let’s Get Organized in 2016


Let’s Get Organized in 2016

Ah, a New Year. Time to make lofty resolutions and pie-in-the-sky goals, in hopes of keeping up with them at least into March. (April, if we’re lucky.) Or is that just me? Luckily, Quin shared some tips on how to keep our resolutions. 😉


Like most people (I think), I resolve to be more organized this new year. Although in all fairness, I am a fairly organized person to begin with — not a total disaster by any means. (I have to be to keep up with my active children, husband, and businesses.) But there is always room for improvement. Here are some ways I am hoping to do just that!

Buy a cute planner and write things down.

If we’re going to be more organized, we have to write the important things down — this includes birthdays, anniversaries, Bible studies, school project due dates, workout regiments, and appointments. As moms, we know we have entirely too many things going on at once to just try and remember. When we do this, we are only setting ourselves (and our families who rely on us) up for failure and disappointment. And no mom wants to be that mom. The solution is simple: treat yourself to a cute planner, and then fill it on up, sister! Just don’t forget to keep it with you at all times. I like to carry mine in my diaper bag. Because I’m never getting far without that (obviously). This year I ordered a super cute planner from May Designs. We LOVE May Designs!

Beautiful and completely customizable, May Books are made from green e-certified canvas covers, stitched together by a sewing machine. (The covers are even water- resilient! How cool is that?) You get to choose your pattern, font style and text, as well as the format of the 80 pages inside your book. The options are seriously endless! Choose from a monthly+weekly agenda, a meal planner, a calorie+exercise journal, or a baby bump diary, just to name a few.


Be on time! If you’re on time, you’re 15 minutes late.

I am super embarrassed to admit it, but this has always been a struggle for me. Can any of you Mommy Chicks relate? (Please say I am not the only one!) To my engineer husband’s horror, I am the “queen of the last minute.” The more children I have, the worse it gets. As my family is calmly filing out the door to the car — well, two of them are toddlers — I can be found frantically throwing on clothes in an attempt to look halfway put-together, grumbling all the way. Sunday mornings are always the worst. But this year will be different. I am going to outsmart myself. I will record the start times of events a full 20 minutes earlier than they actually occur in my May Designs planner. I live in Northeast Houston, so traffic can be an issue — not nearly as terrible as Downtown, but still. When I am headed somewhere new, I will look the address up in Google Maps, allow for plenty of time, and then even tack on an extra 15 to 20 minutes (for me to invariably screw it up and get lost). These sound implementable, right?

Be (a little) selfish! Pencil in time for yourself.

As moms, we are constantly on-the-go — chauffeuring children from one activity to the next, grocery shopping, running errands, cooking and cleaning, the list goes on forever. So it stands to reason that on occasion, we need some time to rest and refuel. Now I’m not suggesting an expensive week-long trip to Bora Bora with “the girls”. (Although if your husband will agree to it, by all means! For most of us, this just isn’t in the cards.) But a once-a-month manicure and pedicure? That’s a little more reasonable. A couple hours at a coffee shop with a good book or a girlfriend? Definitely manageable. Just make sure to silence your smart phone on your way out the door! When you’re feeling the pressure, slip out for a quick walk around the neighborhood. Sneak away for a soak in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. Head to the gym and take a yoga class. (Or kickboxing — maybe you have some pent-up aggression to release!) Whatever works for you, pencil it in and make it happen. No excuses. We all deserve a little time to ourselves. Even our husbands (and significant others). So don’t forget to offer them the same deal! This could even be a wonderful bargaining tool. (Insert devilish grin.)

What are some other ideas for getting organized in 2016? What are your goals? Do you have a house to get in order? Are you hoping to eat healthier and get back into shape? Take a few minutes to sit and create an action plan. Don’t let the New Year get away from you. And a huge thank you again goes out to May Designs for my fabulous new planner. Be sure to check out their new designs for the new year. Here’s to making 2016 the best year yet! Cheers!


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