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Le Tote: Maternity Clothes Shopping Done For You

Le Tote is a genius solution for anyone who is in need of maternity clothes, loves to shop frequently, is always mixing and matching, but is constrained by a budget.

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Published March 8, 2017

One of my least favorite things about pregnancy is shopping for maternity clothes. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one, either. In my experience, maternity shopping is just one of the worst tasks EVER. For the first couple months you can get away with wearing your normal clothes. Then a belly band is needed to keep those pre-pregnancy jeans up. And maybe some of tops last throughout the entire pregnancy, but most get a little too tight for comfort. Ugh!

Maternity Clothes Subscription Box? Tell Me More!

I know one of my biggest issues with maternity clothes is the price. With both my pregnancies, I didn’t need to run out and get a lot of clothes until around 25-30 weeks. When I did need to purchase quality items like jeans, work pants, work skirts and jackets, it ended up costing an arm and a leg! Sure, there are cheap brand of maternity jeans out there, but they are so uncomfortable. And when it comes to comfort (that I can control, at least), it is the absolute LAST thing I want to sacrifice during my pregnancy! Sigh. If only there were an easy solution . . .

What is Le Tote?

Enter Le Tote! I was so excited when this company reached out and gave me the opportunity to do a little review of the services. It seemed like my maternity-shopping dreams were coming true! I received my first box right around when I finally “popped” and was in need of some new, cute things!

So, what is Le Tote exactly? It’s a genius solution for anyone who loves to shop frequently, is always mixing and matching, but is constrained by a budget. Essentially, it is a clothing rental service. You can choose which items you’d like to receive, wear them for as long as you want, and then return for new items. Or, you can purchase what you love from the box at a better price than you’d find in the store! The price of the subscription is $59 per month. When you consider that you can get a new box of clothes almost once a week it is well worth it!

How Does It Work?

The service is really simple to use. I love how they narrow down your style through a series of questions about outfits, colors, patterns, etc. that you like. They also get an idea of how your body may fit into clothes by asking questions pertaining to body style. After you’ve created this “style profile,” then you move on to building your “closet.” They present you with items they’ve picked that match your style but you can also choose to add anything you want to your “closet.” After that, they build your first box with items that include both clothes and accessories (if you want them). What I really love is that if the closet your consultant has built includes items you don’t want at that time, you can switch them out. Talk about customization!


The company originally only offered non-maternity wear. But they’ve since expanded their wardrobe selections in order to include the preggo market and I am SO happy they did!

What Was in My Box?

Here are the items I had in my first box. They included great basics that I was able to play around with multiple times!

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I found that all of my items were great quality. When I looked at the brands I knew why! Most of the items Le Tote sends are from reputable brands or designers. They’ve even recently added Cole Haan to their offerings.


If you are looking for a great way to build your maternity wardrobe without spending a lot of cash then definitely consider using Le Tote!

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