5 Jewelry Pieces Perfect For Moms


5 Jewelry Pieces Perfect For Moms

Before the little Fisch was born, I began noticing all my new-mommy friends sporting some seriously cute bling to represent their new bundles of joy. As Fischer’s due date approached, I started thinking about how I too would like to wear his initials. I really couldn’t make up my mind. My stylish friends had presented me with so many choices! Would I want a ring? I could replace my personal monogram one with his initials. Maybe a bracelet? I don’t often wear bracelets though. Earrings? See what I mean…lots of options.

Little Fisch was born and the days came and went. All without me having made any sort of decision. I just wanted the right piece to jump out at me.

Finally, close to his first birthday, it happened. I was scrolling through my Insta-feed when I ran across one of my favorite fashion bloggers showing off her blogger necklace from a site called Taudrey. I thought it was really cute that she had used her hashtag so I decided to look up the site. As luck would have it, the hashtag I had created for Fischer a year before just fit the amount of spaces allowed.

Six weeks later, the gold necklace with his hashtag on it arrived and I swear I’ve been getting compliments almost every day since. I feel like it’s a little bit unique, a little bit quirky, and hip all at the same time. It’s the perfect representation of my kiddo.


Today, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ways to wear your kid’s initials or name that won’t break the bank. I know not everyone has a hashtag for their child, but if you do, maybe consider a nameplate! (see below) And, if you have multiple kiddos, you may want to show them off in different ways. I know my wheels will be turning again soon. 🙂

1. Taudrey: Hashtag Necklace

Everything the designer behind Taudrey, Tiffany Ortiz, creates is amazing. I fell in love with this Hashtag Necklace as well as the Autograph Plate, but I really fell in love when I went to look at her website. I wanted every.single.thing! I am sure I will be adding to my collection soon!


BONUS: The Taudrey girls are giving our Mommy Chick readers 10% off their first order! So go check them out and use this code at checkout:


2. Swell Caroline: Beso Initial Necklace

The team of ladies as Swell Caroline clearly know a thing or two about Southern ladies! Their collections are preppy, classic, and chic. But, whether you’re a girl of the south or not, their jewelry is adorable. I’m loving everything from their monogram collections (those acrylic necklaces! swoon!) to their Bubble Wrap bracelets. The piece that really caught my eye is their Beso Initial Necklace. I love using just the first letter of little man’s name and the script makes this a gorgeous and whimsical piece.



*A close second fave is the Freshwater Pearl Monogram bracelet!


3. Maya Brenner: Initial Earrings

My friend, Julie, wears little ‘S’ earrings for her son Sawyer, but since they are gifted to her, she couldn’t tell me where they came from. A little googling brought up Maya Brenner (also designs for J.Crew, a personal fave!) and these little gems. While her collections may not be mommy driven, they are simple and classic and work perfectly to celebrate your child or children. I like the idea of wearing a first and middle initial or you can wear the first initial of each child. (And, if you have more than two, it just means more jewelry! Win!)


4. Posh Mommy: Birthstone Disc Necklace

Yet another jeweler who has incredible collections for moms to choose from! When I saw the birthstone discs, I got really excited. I love that there are different ways to personalize the discs. You can do just a letter, a full name, or a monogram..so maybe something different if you have more than one! I think adding a little birthstone is a cute way to dress this disc up even more!


5. James Avery: Monogram Ring

It might be because I am from Texas, or my parents living down the farm road from the JA headquarters, or nostalgia thinking of middle school charm bracelets, or none of those things at all… I just love the simplicity of James Avery! Monogram or single initial, you can’t go wrong.


All of these would be excellent choices either as a gift to yourself, on a “wish-list” or as a gift to a mommy-friend! But what about the dads in our lives? My husband doesn’t wear any jewelry besides his wedding ring, but he does wear suits so when I saw an old girlfriend of mine post about the latest edition of her jewelry collection, I got really excited! These gemstone/birthstone cufflinks could be a perfect gift for a new daddy or each time a new baby is born! Natalie makes some seriously gorgeous pieces. Check out her Facebook page, The Hightower Collection!


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