Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

As a mom of two, Jennifer Taylor uses her parenting experience and wisdom to write for her pregnancy and baby blog MomTricks.

7 Reasons Why You Should Babywear | Baby Chick

7 Reasons Why You Should Babywear

International Babywearing Week is a wonderful annual outreach event sponsored by Babywearing International. It's a week-long event meant to raise awareness about babywearing and all of its wonderful benefits. This year, the week runs from October 2-8, and I'd love to share with you 7 great reasons ...
How to Create a Winning Summer Bedtime Strategy | Baby Chick

4 Tips for Creating a Winning Summer Bedtime Strategy

Hello, Mommy Chicks! My name is Jennifer of Mom Tricks, and I'm thrilled to share with you my tips for helping get your kids on a summer sleep schedule. As parents, we want to give our children the best in everything, including summer memories. Often ...

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