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Adorable toddler girl painting rainbow on the window glass as sign of hope.

41 Special Rainbow Baby Names

Looking for the perfect rainbow baby name? Explore our selection to find the one that best represents the miracle of life for you.

Newborn baby laying on his mother's chest at the hospital.

Meeting My Rainbow Baby Was Pure Magic

Pregnancy after loss is an emotionally difficult time. Here, one mom shares her story of meeting her rainbow baby for the first time.

A 5-month-old rainbow baby girl wearing blue shorts, a light yellow shirt and a white bow on top of different color fabric making a warm-colored Autumn rainbow.

A Rainbow Baby Story: One Mom’s Storm and Rainbow – Podcast Ep 66

With National Rainbow Baby Day, August 22nd, we have Taylor Molitierno sharing her rainbow baby story with us. We are moved and honored.

Pregnant woman in perspective with a rainbow representing her rainbow baby.

A Heartfelt Letter to My Rainbow Baby

Being the mother of a rainbow baby is emotionally complex. Here, one mother shares her heartfelt letter to her own rainbow baby.

Mother holding her rainbow baby swaddled in a Love to Dream swaddle.

Celebrating Rainbow Babies and Safe Sleep with Love to Dream™

Love to Dream is celebrating Rainbow Babies and safe sleep in a beautiful way with their new limited edition Rainbow SWADDLE UP swaddle.

What is a Rainbow Baby?

What is a Rainbow Baby?

We asked several moms of rainbow babies what the term "rainbow baby" means to them and shared some of their stories.