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What’s in my Purse: The Hospital Edition

Expecting and not sure what to pack in your hospital bag? One mom is sharing what she packed in her hospital bag for the birth of her third baby.

Published June 27, 2016

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We’ve had so much fun sharing the contents of our purses over the last couple of months! Just to recap, Sarah shared the contents of her purse in April, The Toddler Mom Edition — and last month I shared #whatsinmypurse, The Girl Mom Edition. So now I’m sharing what I’m packing for my impending trip to the hospital for the birth of Baby Brooklyn Olivia. As I learned with baby number two (Miss Emma Kate), you can never prepare too early. We’re calling this one, What’s in my Purse: The Hospital Edition.

Basic Toiletries for Mama

The hospital won’t have these items for you. You are going to want to take a shower, brush your teeth, and maybe even put on a little makeup (for photos or visitors) at some point during your stay. Trust me, you are going to want to have these items on hand in your hospital bag. Don’t forget your contact or glasses case (and solution) if you need them! Nipple cream is also a good thing to have — breastfeeding can be painful, especially in the beginning.

Comfortable Nursing Clothes + Bras

In my purse, Hospital bag, Delivery bag, Having a baby

I am all for wearing the tacky gown the hospital provides during labor and delivery, and even immediately afterward; it’s kind of a messy ordeal. (There are some cute options for you to wear at the hospital you can purchase beforehand if you’d like.) But eventually, usually after the aforementioned shower, you are going to want to put on some of your own clothing. You will want to make sure the clothing is comfortable (read: loose-fitting), while your lady parts heal. I personally like to bring a beautiful, but comfortable robe  and a few nursing tops (or nightgowns). Nursing bras (and underwear) are also good to pack. But a word of advice, maybe don’t plan on bringing your favorite undies — you might even want to toss them in the trash when you get home. #justsaying

Reading Material

I always enjoy watching a little television at the hospital during my downtime (it’s rare to get a break from Disney Junior at the Tomes casa), but I plan to bring my iPad as well. I am downloading a few books in preparation for Baby Brooklyn’s birth — you’ve got to have something to do while breastfeeding. Or I can just watch Netflix. Either way.

Camera + Extra Batteries

In my purse, Hospital bag, Delivery bag, Having a baby

You don’t want to forget these!

Cell Phone + Charger

These either.

Birthday Candle

We are planning to have a small “birthday celebration” photoshoot at the hospital with all of our girls. Mostly because I love cupcakes, and this seems like as good an excuse as any to have my hubby sneak some into the hospital. Also because I think this idea is super cute, and this is my last chance to make it happen.

In my purse, Hospital bag, Delivery bag, Having a baby

Big Sister Gifts

I found these precious, matching “Big Sister” hair-bows at a local, neighborhood boutique. I am planning to surprise my two oldest with the bows when they come to the hospital to meet baby sister. I figure they can wear them for the aforementioned photoshoot. So cute, right?

A Special “Coming Home” Outfit for Baby

Nobody wants to bring baby home in the boring onesie the hospital provides. I just adore this precious outfit I received from one of my super sweet Baby Sprinkle hostesses — it’s the perfect “coming home” ensemble. (I’m a big time Featherbaby fan.) I am also bringing a few additional outfits for baby (for pictures and such). And a cute baby blanket (again with the pictures).

In my purse, Hospital bag, Delivery bag, Having a baby

Nursing Pillow

Last but certainly not least, I am bringing my favorite Boppy nursing pillow. A necessity? Maybe not. But I love having it with me. Comfort is of the utmost importance to me when I am recovering from a birth. Call me frivolous, I really don’t care. A mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do.

In my purse, Hospital bag, Delivery bag, Having a baby

What’s inside your hospital bag (or purse)? We’d love to see!

In my purse, Hospital bag, Delivery bag, Having a baby
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