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How to Practice Self Care While Social Distancing

Remembering to take care of yourself these days seems impossible. Here are ways you can practice self care while social distancing.

Published April 9, 2020

Finding small ways to show our personal needs some love during this time of ‘social distancing’ is more important than ever. These days are filled with (what seems like) bad news trickling in day after day. Uncertainty as to when this social distancing will end. Lots of questions with no solid answers. So how can we combat this added stress? By implementing some much-needed self care!

Now, you’re probably thinking . . . how will I have the time to get in self-care? And hello — with so many stores closed down, how can I get any self-care at all? No worries mama —we’ve got you covered! There are some pretty simple ways you can start practicing self care habits TODAY to minimize your stress during this time of social distancing!

How to Practice Self Care While Social Distancing

Mom life while social distancing is a whole new level, right? We’re talking life carrying on as usual, plus some added new duties such as not being able to get groceries like normal and trying to be educators for our children while school is out. All while not being able to socialize or even ask for help from our friends or family. So, you’ve got to get creative!

First, carve out short periods throughout your day that you can dedicate to yourself for unwinding and relaxing. Some of these times could be:

  • waking up early before the kids get up
  • during nap time
  • during independent playtime (this one is handy if you have a pretty consistent routine set in place)
  • after the kids go to bed

That is FOUR solid time frames you can sneak in some personal mama time throughout the day. So what kind of things can you do? Let’s find out!

1. Take a relaxing bath

Even if you’re not a big bath person (like myself), sometimes a nice warm bath filled with calming lavender scents and Epsom salt can REALLY take the edge off of a stressful day. So next time, try it out for yourself!

You can use some bath salts that come pre-mixed or just add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils in and be prepared for a relaxing moment alone. If you’re pregnant, just be sure you aren’t making the bath TOO hot. Warm is okay, hot can be too much for your little growing babe.

2. Plan an at-home date night

Although most of us are likely working at home with our partners, we sometimes get caught up in the parenting/work roles with one another that we don’t carve out enough one-on-one time. What better way to carve out some time after the kids go to bed to have your own little date night at home?

With all the TV streaming options available, you and your partner can pick out a movie, warm up some popcorn, maybe sneak in a pre-movie massage and enjoy your time truly reconnecting with one another. You’d be surprised how refreshing it feels to reconnect with your partner and share that closeness after a long busy day.

3. Take a nap . . . or two!

Let’s face it, these not being able to leave the house days are exhausting. Especially when there are kids involved AND you’re pregnant. It’s tiring. This is why it’s the perfect time to use those gaps within your schedule to catch up on some much-needed sleep. And if you can sneak in two naps, go for it! These are NOT the days to be stressing about the dishes in the sink that can wait. Instead, it is the time to make sure your needs are being met which includes sleep. So rest up mama, seriously!

4. Pick up an old hobby like reading or writing

Sometimes self care while social distancing requires you to escape reality for a while. You can do that by enjoying a good book. Or maybe you would prefer to journal about the things you’ll do when all of this is over. Whatever it is — now is a great time to restart these hobbies. Stock up on some of your favorite books (which you can easily download online if you have the Amazon Kindle app) or dig out that old journal and begin writing.

My favorite part about journaling is it can be pretty therapeutic on those hectic days. Allowing you to let out all those stressors or feelings and leave them in the journal where they belong so you can go about your day.

5. Get unplugged!

Yup, that’s right! Turn off the TV and turn off those phones. Sometimes, too much news, too many opinions, and too much negativity from the online world can be a major trigger for stress. So shut it all down and be present in the moments with your family. Your littles are only little for so long, why not take advantage of this time to step away from the screens and into their world.

6. Craving socialization? Hop on a FaceTime with your friends!

If you’re feeling a bit cooped up due to the lack of socializing, hop on a video chat with your friends or family. Self care while social distancing sometimes calls for a virtual girlfriend happy hour! It’s an excellent way to use our technology to its advantage and get us the interactions with one another we’re so desperately craving.

7. Make yourself a daily routine

One of the biggest reasons events like this cause so much stress is because we’re not in control of them. We’re forced to let go of a routine we once knew. Then we are forced into this new situation with no routine and no socializing. According to an article in VOGUE, “Keeping a routine bed/wake time is crucial during these times, especially when we lose our normal routine.”

So how do we fix this? Make yourself a new daily routine! Plan out your day accordingly and stick with it. This means kid’s activities, nap time, meals, and everything in between. Before you know it, these days will begin to feel much more normal and less out of control.

Do you have any other ways you’re able to get in some self care while social distancing?

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