Easy Homemade Popsicles Recipe

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Easy Homemade Popsicles Recipe

This past week Fischer and I headed out to the beautiful Texas Hill Country to visit my parents (Nonny and Poppy) and my niece, T. T and my sister live in the Pacific Northwest and this is the first year that T is old enough to fly on her own so she’s staying with my parents for two weeks. Despite the 4 year age difference between T and Fischer, I was so excited to get the two of them together and create some great memories! 5 action-packed days later…mission accomplished.

T really wanted some popsicles as a late afternoon treat but I was really hesitant after looking at the choices at the grocery store. Dyes? Crazy amounts of sugar or sugar replacement? No thanks. Instead, my mom and I decided to get some fresh ingredients, cute popsicle molds, and make them ourselves..with the kids help, of course!



We wanted to keep it relatively simple for our first attempt. We combined 1 cup of Stonyfield plain Greek yogurt, about 10 strawberries, and local honey in our food processor and DONE! Originally, we thought about making a strawberry puree and then layering that with the yogurt, but because of the shape and size of the molds, we blended it all together.

After setting in the freezer for 3 hours, we were ready to enjoy!

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“I only get ONE?!” Fischer’s first popsicle experience was clearly a huge success! Luckily, my parents have a pool that the kids jumped into after to wash off 🙂

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We LOVED the Zoku molds! The material made the popsicle really easy to remove, easy to clean, and seriously..have you ever seen anything cuter?! Better yet, the kids absolutely raved about them and were excited to try each of the different characters..which I’m sure they would’ve done all in one sitting if given the chance! The molds were also very easy to clean which is always a win in my book!

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On a hot summer day these cute and delicious pops just can’t be beat! Enjoy!

Kid-friendly mixes that I love:

Strawberry & Greek Yogurt & Local Honey

Blueberry & Raspberry & Greek Yogurt (plain or vanilla)

Watermelon & Agave & Lime Juice & Ginger

Adult-friendly mixes that I love:

Blackberries & Lime & Sugar & Water & Gin ( recipe found HERE )

Blueberry & Basil & Lemon & Vodka ( recipe found HERE )

Pomegranate & Blackberry & Merlot ( recipe found HERE )

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