Growing Organically | Product Review: Rustic Maka


Growing Organically | Product Review: Rustic Maka

Making the adjustment to growing organically and living a life that is not only better for me but also better for the environment takes time. Yes, it is my goal to be healthier this year, but I want to set myself up for success. Slow and steady wins the race, I say! So I am taking the time to make small changes to become a healthier and better version of me and live more organically. I’ve been researching and testing different products that are organic and chemical-free and, I will say, I’m really enjoying this process! It feels so satisfying investing my time and money into companies and products that really care about their customers.

One of the things that most people focus on when getting healthier is getting more workouts in. (Duh.) They are thinking about what is going in their bodies (food and beverages) and what they are doing with their bodies (exercise), but something that a lot of people don’t consider is what they are putting on their bodies (skin care, hair care, etc.). Everything that we are putting on our bodies is just as important so we do need to start thinking about these choices as well.

One item that I definitely wanted to test out since I’m trying to workout more is an all-natural deodorant. I was a bit skeptical when looking into this option because I’ve heard from other people how “organic deodorants don’t work”, but I’m excited to report that I was recently introduced to a brand that does!





I recently started chatting with Monica from Rustic Maka and she sent me two of their Pachy deodorants to try (their Sweet Lemonade and their Naughty Butter) and I’m so happy that she did! (Thank you, Monica!) But before I received the products from her, I did some research on Rustic Maka and I immediately was interested in the brand. I love that they believe in going back to the basics, keeping things safe and clean for their customers, and that they focus on putting nature back in skincare. They are the real deal. All of their products are organic, paraben free, dye free, cruelty free, void of synthetic fragrances, vegan, and made in the USA! Not only that, but their products are packaged in BPA-free, environmentally-friendly recycled containers as well. Needless to say, I was impressed. It’s obvious that they are committed to making the best and healthiest skincare options for everyone and that is the type of company that I can stand behind!


But you may be wondering, “Why should I care about all of this? Why should I consider an all-natural deodorant or all-natural skin care products?” Good question. I used to think the same way. Why does this even matter? But then I started looking further into it. Maybe a lot of you know this (but I sure didn’t), but all of the drugstore brand deodorants and antiperspirants normally include aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, triclosan, TEA, FD&C colors, and more. When researching, I learned that these chemicals have been linked to all sorts of terrible things, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dermatitis, liver disease, cancer, kidney disease, antibiotic resistance, and disrupted thyroid function. Woah! I had no idea.



(For more information on their line of Pachy deodorants, their scents and ingredients, click here.)

This is why I was interested and excited to talk to Monica to see what their products are like. I wanted to try a healthier option because small changes like this really do make a difference. I also love supporting women owned businesses that are all about providing extraordinary products and making a change for the better to the world.


Once I received the Sweet Lemonade and the Naughty Butter deodorants in the mail, I was ready to give them a go!




I wanted to try the Sweet Lemonade first since I was interested to smell the scent. Would it smell too sweet? Not at all. It is super refreshing — like sweet lemons on a summer day. When I first started applying the deodorant, it was a bit firm to start, but as soon as you continue to roll and rub on the product on your underarms, the softer it got. Also, it’s gentle on my sensitive skin so you don’t have to worry about having a negative reaction.

I tried this one under one arm, and then tried Naughty Butter under my other arm.




I had the same experience with this deodorant, but I liked how this one was very subtle. This is perfect for people who have any reaction to essential oils and have super sensitive skin. Both of these options went on clear and left no white stains on my black shirt. That was something I was surprised by!

I also really liked getting the full-sized products and the easy-to-use packaging. I was afraid that it may be messy to apply, but it wasn’t. The traditional tube like container made it clean and simple. Not only that, the full-sized deodorants are 3.2 ounces, which is larger than most deodorants. I really liked that because then it lasts much longer than your normal tube of deodorant which could be anywhere up to 4 to 6 months longer. How cool! Rustic Maka does mention though that it is best to use the products within a year. These are natural ingredients again so they do come with an expiration date.

Something else that I will add that applies to our Mommy Chicks, the Naughty Butter is perfect for breastfeeding mothers. Newborns are super sensitive to new scents and chemicals so you want to be careful what you are putting on your body since it can affect your little ones. This is the deodorant that I recommend by far to all moms since it can still get the job done and cover you, but it is sensitive enough to wear without concerns for it being harmful to your child(ren).



So now it was time to see if they work! After applying both on, each under a different arm, my husband and I went on an 9 mile bike ride to see how they would hold up. And guess what, they both did! Yes I was sweaty, but I did not have body odor under my arms at the end of our ride and I also didn’t feel like I needed to reapply. I’ve now been using these deodorants everyday before I go to work and before I head out to do a workout and I’ve been really pleased with these products.


Just from knowing their ingredients, their packaging, and customer service, I knew they were a great company, but now after checking out their products and testing them, I can tell why their line of Pachy Deodorants are award-winning. Rustic Maka provides great products that are good for you and your body that actually work. Love it!

Thank you, Rustic Maka, for these gifts and for sponsoring this post. I cannot wait to see how your business grows and how you will continue to make a positive difference. Cheers!


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