Give the Most Thoughtful and Easy Gift to the New Mom in Your Life
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Give the Most Thoughtful and Easy Gift to the New Mom in Your Life

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Published November 18, 2019

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

Whenever a friend or family member gives birth to a new baby your instinct is to do something nice for the family to congratulate them on their newest addition. A gift or kind gesture lets them know that you’re thinking of them during this special time without potentially disturbing their lying-in time with their new plus one. (A thoughtfulness all new moms appreciate!) Go to gifts usually consist of sending flowers or chocolates, which are nice, but those gifts are both short lived and either die or get eaten! I’ve recently discovered an even easier and more precious gift option to welcome a new baby that I think should be all of our new go-to. It’s called Baby Boxy.

Three Baby Boxy Gift Boxes sitting up on a table.

What is Baby Boxy?

Baby Boxy is an online retailer of curated baby gift boxes. Think of their site as the place you turn to for the perfect baby shower gift or box to welcome a new baby–without all of the hassle. Baby Boxy is not a subscription box company! It’s a place to purchase a one-time gift box full of curated, themed goodies for a new addition without hunting them down or brainstorming a theme on your own.

Now we don’t have to stress about what a mother would really like or do research on the cutest, newest, and best baby products. Baby Boxy has done that work for us! The company was created to provide gift givers with a thoughtful gift for parents that includes a personal touch, and one they know a mother would love.

Personally, I’m in that season of life right now where all of my friends and family are having babies. It can be tough to always think of the perfect gift for each new mom! Everyone is different–has different styles and personalities. I’ve enjoyed my experience with Baby Boxy because I can easily scroll through their gift collections and pick the perfect box to suit the taste (and humor!) of each mom and her baby. This is why I had to partner up with them to share their easy and adorable options.

Woman visiting a new mom in her house with her new baby. They are sitting in the living room.
Here I am visiting a mom friend of mine who just had her second baby! Had to stop by to say hi and gift them a Baby Boxy. 🙂

Why I Choose Baby Boxy

Easy & Convenient

Normally, when ordering baby gifts online, I have to wait for the gift to arrive, then put it in a gift box or gift bag, and then hand deliver it. Or I have to go into a store, hope that they have the right gift, then gift wrap it and deliver. And if I live far away from the new mom or don’t have the time to do all of the previously mentioned steps, I am unable to have my online ordered gift nicely wrapped. I needed to have an easier option without sacrificing the quality of my gift.

I’m thankful that with Baby Boxy I can either have the gift box delivered straight to the new parents or I can choose to ship it myself for hand delivery. Because of this, I have deemed Baby Boxy a perfect momhack. Now with a click of a button I can send an amazing gift to congratulate a new family with very minimal effort on my end.

Woman visiting a new mom in her house with her new baby. They are sitting in the living room.

Another perk? Baby Boxy now offers next day delivery to Bay Area hospitals and they’re planning to expand to other metros!


These gift sets are not only unique and fun, but also hand picked to offer only the highest quality products. Their focus is on safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials. I have personally checked out all of the brands they include in their boxes; it’s honestly the best of the best. These are some of my favorite baby apparel and accessory brands to recommend to clients and friends. I dressed my own kid in these brands! And it means a lot to me to find and support a company that doesn’t skimp on quality. Rest assured that you’re gifting baby the greatest and safest products.

Woman visiting a new mom in her house with her new baby. She is giving her a Baby Boxy gift box. They are sitting in the living room.
Moo Milk Baby Boxy Gift Box
Got Milk? I had to get this Baby Boxy since I knew this little guy would be getting milk drunk. 😉

I also love that each of the products that they include in their gift boxes are reviewed, tested, and approved by their founder, Julie Lewis, and her twins, Carter and Everly! Their promise is that they only offer items they’d use on their own kids. 🙂

So Many Options

What if you don’t know the baby’s gender? Or what if you know that the baby’s room is dinosaur themed and you’re looking for a gift that will match? Or floral theme or even a food themed nursery? Baby Boxy has tons of options to choose from–gender neutral options to animal themed boxes, even holiday boxes and more! They have a box for every family and for every style.

An ice cream scoops themed Baby Boxy gift box and Blue Puddle Ducks themed Baby Boxy.

The Unboxing

Baby Boxy gift boxes

Again, living far away from the new family can be tough to send something thoughtful. This is why I love this option because your Baby Boxy gift will arrive like a special delivery. Rather than in a brown cardboard box with tissue paper, your gift is in a premium white gift box with a magnetic closure and a silver bow. Plus, it includes an extra thick greeting card. Every detail of the packaging is thoughtfully planned out to make sure your gift is extra special.

Unboxing a Baby Boxy gift box.

It’s obvious Baby Boxy has put a lot of thought into this!

Customer Service

Another reason why I’m choosing Baby Boxy is I’m choosing to shop small. By shopping small, we are getting attentive and amazing customer service. The people behind this company truly care and are parents themselves. They understand the importance of this incredible family milestone, and they are making every effort to make their ordering and shipping process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Friend meeting with her new mom friend to meet her new baby in the background. In the foreground is a Baby Boxy gift box.

In the past I’ve spent a good amount of money on a beautiful bouquet and chocolates for a new mom. Now that I’ve found Baby Boxy, I’d much rather gift her one of these curated gift boxes. And as a mom myself, I know these are items that she and baby will enjoy. So the next time you need a baby gift, give one a family will remember and love–just pick a theme and Baby Boxy will do the rest!

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