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My 12 Favorite Products From the ABC Kids Expo 2016!

Published October 25, 2016

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

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We just got back from the ABC Kids Expo this past weekend and oh my goodness, there were so many great products! As you read from my previous post on what to pack for the ABC Kids Expo, there are hundreds of different brands that come to this expo. It’s impossible to see them all, but we were able to stop by over a hundred different booths. We’re completely exhausted from the trip, but how can you not love it when there are tons of exciting new products from moms and babies. It was really difficult to narrow down my list and pick out my ultimate favorites, but I’ve done it. Today I’m sharing with you my top 12 favorite products from the ABC Kids Expo that I absolutely LOVE that I know you mamas will love too. Here we go!

1. Ergobaby ADAPT Carrier

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, babywearing

Ergobaby’s latest innovation, the ADAPT baby carrier is truly a must-have! For me, there are two main reasons why this carrier is amazing. First, the back support is so much more comfortable and easier to put on since it allows you to cross it on your back. Second, the ADAPT carrier grows with your baby, from newborn to toddler (7-45 lbs) and it does NOT need an infant insert! You read that right, you do not need an infant insert. No more sweaty mommy and baby. So great!!

ergo baby adapt carrier
New comfort features for parents with crossable shoulder straps and lumbar support waistbelt.
ergo baby adapt carrier
Easy-to-use from newborn to toddler (7-45 lbs), NO INSERT NEEDED!!
ergo baby adapt carrier
3 ergonomic carry positions: Front-inward, hip and back carry.

Above diagrams are from

I also love that this carrier has been acknowledged as a “hip-healthy” product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, babywearing

2. Bloomlife

Something that a lot of pregnant women are concerned about is knowing (or not knowing) if they are really in labor. When is it the right time to go to the hospital? Are these real contractions or are these Braxton Hicks? Well with Bloomlife, you don’t have to worry. Bloomlife is the only smart pregnancy tracker that automatically displays, tracks, and counts contractions. Mind blown!

Image via

All you have to do is set up the app on your phone, place the monitor on your bump, and you will see when you are having contractions in real time. With the app you will see how long each contraction is, how close they are from one another, and more. No more guessing or telling your partner when you are having a contraction to keep track on your contraction counter app. Just sit back, keep breathing, and let Bloomlife take the labor out of counting your contractions. 😉

Image via Bloomlife Twitter

Also, the people at the booth at Bloomlife basically became our best friends at the show. Not only do they have their PhDs and have done the research, science and testing to back their product, I love their passion and commitment to empowering women and their bodies during pregnancy.

3. Project Nursery SmartBand

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, project nursery

Okay, y’all. I want this product and I’m not even pregnant! That’s how cool this product is.

Project Nursery is coming out in February 2017 with a cool new parent + baby SmartBand that literally does it all. This wearable tracker has tons of of different functions including:

For Baby: keeping track of…

  • fetal movements (yes, it can help you keep track of kick counts)
  • logging breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and/or pumping
  • diaper changes
  • child weight
  • naps

For Mom/Parent:

  • taking pre- and post-natal vitamins
  • taking medications
  • your hydration
  • tracking your weight, diet, exercise (shows steps, distance, calories burned, and activity time), and sleep

As I said, this SmartBand does it all. You can even set up customizable reminders and alarms to help you stay on schedule as well as “messages of encouragement” throughout the day to keep you feeling happy and motivated. And the SmartBand can send you notifications including caller ID, texts and app notifications. Love that!

And I’m not even done…The app also saves your data for both you and baby in graphs and logs. That way you can easily show your doctor and your baby’s pediatrician your progress over time.

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, project nursery

4. Nuna Aace Booster Seat

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, nuna, car seat

The Nuna Aace booster seat is a high-back booster that also converts to a backless booster. I particularly loved this booster seat because the seat can grow with your child. As your child grows, so do their legs and shoulders. With The Nuna Aace, the shoulder wings adjust and widen as the headrest is raised, allowing for a more comfortable, and it also features a three-position expandable seat depth for leg extension to accommodate growing legs.

Aace Features:

  • Rigid LATCH
  • High-back limits: 40-110 lbs, 38-60 inches, minimum age of 4 years
  • Backless limits: 50-120 lbs, 38-60 inches, minimum age of 5 years
  • One-hand, 9-position height adjustment
  • Shoulder system moves in/out in tandem with the height adjustment
  • Three seat depths
  • Eight recline positions (when used as high-back with rigid LATCH)
  • Energy-absorbing foam and side-impact protection pods
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe cupholder (additional cupholder available separately)
  • Ventilation panels and breathable, machine-washable cover
  • 10-year expiration

5. Motorola Monitor

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, motorola, baby monitor, child safety

Motorola is coming out with Smart Nursery 7 and this baby monitor is everything you will ever want in a baby monitor. It will enable you to monitor your baby from anywhere with a handheld 7″ multi-point touch screen. HUGE! (Literally.) It already is being called the world’s smartest baby monitor since it offers analytics including temperature, humidity level, noise and baby’s sleep movements. This portable battery powered camera enables parents to carry the camera anywhere and offers a 7″ touch screen parent unit with HD (720p) video streaming to see the baby more clearly than ever before with remote pan, tilt and zoom functions.

Another cool feature is that it also offers pre-installed applications such as the baby journal, scrapbook, baby calendar and baby books. Awesome!

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, motorola, baby monitor, child safety

6. Crystal Baby Gate

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, regal + lager, baby gates, child safety

I couldn’t get over how beautiful these crystal baby gates were from Qdos. Qdos is a new line of baby-proofing products and they debuted a crystal gate at the expo that can either be installed with hardware or pressure mounted. It was simple to open and close and I personally think it would look so chic in any home.


7. Skip Hop’s Moby Bath Toy Scooper

skip hop bath time

There are so many products that I love from Skip Hop, but the one that made me throw my hands in the air was their new Moby bath toy scooper. (You can see it mounted on the wall in the picture above.) Detach it from your wall and easily scoop up all of your kiddos toys in the tub and hang it back on the wall when you’re done. The easiest way to pick up and store bath toys. Genius!! And when you are ready for the toys again, unzip the bottom and they will fall right out into the tub. I’m all ready obsessed.

8. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, hatch baby, baby monitor, child safety

Night lights are nice to have in your little one’s room. What makes this night light from Hatch Baby the ultimate night light is that you can control it from your smartphone. It also makes soothing sounds/ is a sound machine, and it has an ‘OK to Wake’ clock function which tells your child when it is bedtime and when it’s okay to get up. You can even set each day to have a different time to wake — no more early risers on the weekends! Adjust the hours and brightness to your needs all on your phone.

9. UPPAbaby Car Seat

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, uppababy, car seat, child safety

This new MESA 2017 car seat from UPPAbaby is too cool! This car seat is made from wool which is super soft, moisture wicking, and a natural flame retardant. It’s the only car seat on the market that hasn’t been treated with flame retardent chemicals. Fantastic! It really is incredibly soft and is perfect for warm and cool temperatures since it is temperature regulating. Moms, I swear you will love it!

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, uppababy, car seat, child safety
abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, uppababy, car seat, child safety

10. Life In Play Mini ToteSavvy

You guys already know that I LOVE my ToteSavvy. I literally have it in my purse and use it every day as my purse organizer. It’s the best one that I’ve found on the market. The only problem was, if I wanted to wear one of my smaller purses I couldn’t transition my ToteSavvy from my big tote bag to my smaller bags. This is not a problem any more! Life in Play recently came out with a mini size! It’s absolutely perfect for everything you need. Why spend the money on a diaper bag when you can continue to wear all of your gorgeous purses and convert it into a diaper bag with ToteSavvy?!? Such a game changer and time saver.

11. Moby’s New Look

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, babywearing, baby sling, baby carriers
Mary Alice testing out one of Moby’s new slings.

When I used to think of Moby I honestly thought of a very long, thick piece of fabric that can help you wear your baby. However, when I stepped into the Moby booth at the expo, I was completely shocked — and in the best possible way! They have chosen some beautiful, lighter fabrics that are soft and comfortable for you to wrap and wear your baby. They have cool new designs for their carriers that give you amazing hip support. And not only that, they are coming out with gorgeous and affordable new slings! I’m so excited! I was thrilled to see this new direction that they’re headed in and can’t wait to spread the word.

12. Maxi Cosi Double Stroller

abc kids expo 2016, baby chick, maxi cosi, stroller, child safety

This Maxi Cosi double stroller is the only double umbrella stroller that will allow you to use two infant car seats at the same time side-to-side or interchange them with a regular stroller seat. Or you can even do one of each! This is the perfect option for a twin mom.

So what do you think? Which were your favorites from the products we saw?

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