Father’s Day Gift Guide | NEW Dads

Fathers day gift guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide | NEW Dads

It’s their first Father’s Day, but what do you get them as a gift to honor this big milestone?! You want it to be something that they will love and use, but what does a new Dad need? Or if he already has everything that he needs, what are some other ideas? I’ve been asked these questions several times since many people are unsure of what to get. If you’re not wanting to make something for your parenting partner (like in my post yesterday), I’ve come up with a list of things that every new Dad would like. Here’s my gift guide for the NEW Dad.


Every Dad needs his own diaper bag. He absolutely doesn’t want to carry around your purse/ diaper bag, so he needs his own bag to store all the things he and baby will need. He also doesn’t want his bag to be “feminine”. The majority of Dads that I work with actually prefer a backpack over a messenger bag, however, I have found the bag that can be both and is perfect! It’s the Diaper Dude’s Convertible Backpack-Messenger Bag! It’s a great bag that has enough compartments to store all the things that he will need and I love that it can be reused not just as a Dad bag in the future. It even has a Diaper Dude’s Dad Checklist written inside to make sure that nothing is forgotten. The black Convertible Backpack is my fave.

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New Dads never know what to pack in their bag when their wife/partner is about to have a baby. Well, two things that I highly suggest are being comfortable and staying hydrated + awake. This ‘Certified New Daddy’ DaddyScrubs is perfect for what to wear! In all of the shuffle, he wants to feel included and be a part of the process. With all of the people that are going to be coming in and out of the delivery room, it’s great for him to wear something that will show that he’s the Daddy! I have also LOVED when I’ve seen Dads get footprints of their baby’s feet on their scrubs. Then he can bring it back if you have another baby and add each baby’s footprints after they are born.  It is the sweetest keepsake. So special!

Labor can also last a long time so he needs to be sure to stay hydrated with the ‘I’m the Daddy’ Travel Mug by Daddy & Company. Then there’s definitely no confusion as to who’s cup it is. It could be late in the night or early in the morning too so having his own travel mug to fill and refill with water or some coffee is really helpful. You will want him to stay awake! Just make sure that he has some gum with him. As a laboring mama, you will not want to smell his coffee breath! 😉

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If you don’t already know that you are going to want to document every second of your new baby’s life, be prepared! Your phone’s memory will probably be gone within a week or so. You’ll be surprised how in the first few days you might already have over a hundred pictures of your baby. This is why it’s good to get the new Dad in your life a nice camera where he can take tons of quality pictures and video of your precious baby. I have a Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera and love it so I know he will too. Don’t forget to add a memory card!



If the New Dad that you know already has a Dad bag, then I think this mobile diaper changing station – the Capable Changing Kit from Sons of Trade is the way to go!  Such a cool way to carry the diaper changing essentials that a Dad needs for changing baby.



Being from the south, I believe that everyone needs their own stationery. The art of writing a personal ‘Thank You’ note is somewhat forgotten, but it is something that everyone holds dear when they receive one. Remind the new Dad that he is going to have to write quite a few thank you notes to the special people in his life (like his wife/partner for having the baby 😉 include push present with it) that have helped him and will help him in the future with this new little miracle. This wide stripe nautical personalized stationery from Minted is a great option that I love.MIN-ZPA-PST-001_A_PZ


Maybe you’ve already had the baby and the new Dad already has everything that he needs. Well, if he loves to fish, then here is a perfect option that he will get him hooked. 😉 This fishing lure key chain from Etsy is just awesome and such a sweet note every time he looks at his keys. And don’t worry, the sharp hooks have been cut off and the colored bucktail still shows so it retains its fishing lure “look” without the risk of being sharp. Definitely the best catch yet!




If the new Dad you know is not a fishing guy but a handy man, I think this is the gift for him. He can always be prepared with this Many-Tools-In-One System. This handsome stainless-steel and hardwood multitool features a hammer, slotted screwdriver, can opener, saw, knife, pliers, wire cutter/stripper, and Phillips screwdriver. He’ll love it!



Every new Dad needs a carrier, but he still wants to look good and manly doing it. For me, it’s important that you get him a carrier that can hold your baby properly and safely as a newborn to a tot. (Read more about hip dysplasia and how to help prevent it.) So the carrier that I highly recommend for a new Dad is the Lillebaby Complete Airflow in black. It has breathable 3D mesh for maximum air circulation which brings a breath of fresh air for you and baby since they can be little heaters up next to you. This is perfect for the summer! And the Lillebaby Complete Airflow carrier grows with your child through all the baby wearing years from 7 lbs to 45 lbs. Two thumbs up!



Again, if the new Dad that you know has all of the essentials, but loves sports, I recommend getting him Daddy + Me baseball gloves and a baseball. The Dad’s reaction when he opens it is just the sweetest. Sure, your little one won’t be able to play for awhile, but what a great memory for the new Dad to say that these were their first mitts together.  And the day that they can actually play their first game of catch, Mom’s and Dad’s heart will melt.



And there it is! My Father’s Day Gift Guide specifically for the new Dads out there. Hope you enjoyed!

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