Ensuring Baby’s First Steps are Successful

Ensuring Baby's First Steps are Successful with Pediped | Baby Chick

Ensuring Baby’s First Steps are Successful

Some of your baby’s first experiences as a tiny person are those awe-inspiring, adorable milestone moments. Whether it’s her first smile, that sweet new giggle, or utterance of that long-awaited word, “mama!”. You’re likely more excited and overwhelmed with emotions than you expected.

Though many “firsts” for baby are instinctual or happen naturally. One of the biggest you’ll find yourself coaxing her towards is when she takes her first steps. A lot of factors vary in regards to your baby walking or even cruising (pulling up and walking along furniture or something else for stability) for the first time. But one factor that could help immensely is choosing the proper shoe. For our little girl’s first steps, we decided it was time to dig deep into research about infant foot development and shoes that adequately support that.

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Little Feet and Little Shoes

There are TONS of baby shoe companies out there: ranging from the absolutely adorable to shoes that are purely for function. I didn’t want to sacrifice my girl’s developing feet in favor of style. But didn’t necessarily want her wearing ugly “clodhoppers” around everywhere, either. Being stuck at the crossroads of poor tiny foot support and some truly unfortunate looking styles. I was ready to throw in the towel: that is, until I discovered Pediped.

This lesser-known baby, toddler, and kids shoe company has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for creating shoes that promote healthy foot development. Armed with this initial knowledge, I began looking at their website for styles for my little cruiser. And I was overjoyed to see adorable, age-appropriate, made in the USA footwear. They claim it’s “the next best thing to bare feet,”. So, I decided to go ahead with making a purchase. The pediped Daphne Champagne in sizes 6-12 months and 12-18 months to be sure of a good fit.

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Why Stress Over Shoes?

As a mom, it feels like I constantly have something new to worry about or Google to death: but when there is something available that I know is constructive, and that trying it could be the difference between great foot development and poor shoe support? I’m all in. My husband was on board with this research and purchase as well: he grew up as a skater in California. Eventually, He evolved in a soccer player, then US Army Soldier. He began having foot problems while still in high school. Those issues never truly went away for him even with insoles and various consultations with a podiatrist.

We discovered that his inadequate arch support and ill-fitting shoes had caused some serious damage. And that damage cannot be undone now. Now showing signs of early neuropathy, (weakness, numbness, and pain from nerve damage) we resolved to get our daughter a better start with great, podiatrist recommended shoes from Pediped.

Just the Facts

Healthy foot development during a child’s early years is essential, as it can prevent a lifetime of pain. Critical foot development takes place from infancy into the toddler years. Much like we would never force baby’s head through a too-small shirt or their waist into too-small pants, shoving a baby’s foot into a shoe that doesn’t fit is not advised. Shoes that are too rigid or too tight can change the shape of a child’s feet for the rest of their lives.

Bones in a baby’s foot are made of cartilage, the same flexible substance that is found in the ears and nose, and continue to mold over time. Assisting the natural growth and development process by choosing a shoe from Pediped is an excellent investment. But it is important to keep in mind that children’s feet grow in spurts and often require new shoes every 4 months or so.

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For early walkers and cruisers, choosing a well-fitted and designed shoe can assist in helping them balance well, with getting used to wearing shoes more frequently, and looking adorable all at the same time. Taking steps to ensure their first steps are towards healthy, happy feet can prevent foot problems down the road and help to ensure a lifetime of healthy development.

Convincing Baby to Wear Shoes: No Small “Feet”

Our daughter has been wild and barefoot from the womb. We like to joke about her stubborn independence. And hope it serves her well in the Halls of Congress, the corporate business world, or as a NASA astronaut one day: but for now, we need a bit of compliance and for her to not be constantly barefoot.

When we first put shoes on her to complete a Christmas outfit, she was miserable. At a ripe 6 months of age, it seemed as though our girl was throwing a tantrum in order to get her little strappy sandals off of her precious piggies. Every subsequent time we put shoes on her feet, the same result: she was not having this whole “shoe” business. Honestly, I was hesitant at first to buy more shoes. Maybe I’d just keep her in a bubble for the rest of her life. Anyways, as I am the anxious queen of worrying about everything. Also, knowing how critical good shoes are to her development and assisting in walking, I got my shipment from Pediped and set to work.

I began by making the shoe something fun:

Not a toy, but not something to fear, either. In addition, I kept them out for her to see, pretended to put her bear’s feet in them to walk, and then decided to give the shoes another go. I knew now what Pediped meant when they said it was “the next best thing to bare feet,” because our daughter LOVED them. Not only did she not try to remove them, but she didn’t do that awkward air-split thing when I had her stand up while wearing them.

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Though her first steps are still a few weeks away, I take comfort in knowing I’ve taken extra steps to help her as she transitions into a life of walking and playing. She’s worn her shoes no less than a dozen times now. And I ordered another pair (the adorable pediped Jake Silver) to go with different outfits.


With Pediped, I haven’t had to sacrifice style or quality in the name of function or fashion.

I’m confident that her feet are in the best of care. Also, that we will have an incredible lifetime of chasing after her. Catching glimpses of her shimmery shoes and knowing we made a great decision when choosing Pediped.









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