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Easy DIY Spring Tassel Garland

Looking for a fun DIY to spruce up your home for spring? This spring tassel garland is so cute and so easy! Learn how to make it.

Published March 6, 2018

Spring is officially upon us! When the sun starts to warm things up a bit, I always feel the need to add little touches of color to my home. I’m showing you how to make a pretty little tassel garland that will add spring color to your space! You can use this garland on your mantle, in a child’s playroom, or just about anywhere. This is a very easy and cheap project you can quickly complete during a nap time. Hooray!

How to Make a Spring Tassel Garland


  • 5-6 different colors of yarn
  • scissors


Easy DIY Spring Tassel Garland

1. First, determine how long you want your garland to be and cut a length of neutral yarn a few inches longer than your measurement. This will be the string on which all the tassels will be hung.

2. Next, start making your tassels. I found the easiest way was to hold the neutral string in my left hand, holding one end between my first two fingers and draping the length of the string back along my hand and across my thumb. Now, lie your first color of yarn on top of and perpendicular to the neutral string.

3. Wrap your colored yarn over the width of your hand about a dozen times. Cut the excess off.

4. Now, take the neutral string, holding both ends and shimmy it off your hand. The colored string should be hanging on the neutral string.

5. Gather the top of the colored loops and, using a smaller piece of colored string, wrap the small piece around the top of your colored loops about four times. Tie the ends in a knot on the back.

6. Finally, cut the bottom loops of your loops to make the tassels.

7. Repeat the process as many times and with as many different colors as you want. I made five of each colored tassel, and the project took me about an hour.

8. Tie small loops at each end of your neutral string and hang. You’re done!

DIY Spring Tassel Garland | Baby Chick
Easy DIY Spring Tassel Garland
DIY Spring Tassel Garland | Baby Chick

I love how my cute little tassel garland looks on my mantel. For even more spring-y touches, I added a few pastel bird eggs to my mantel’s top. I think it adds a cheerful touch to my living room, but now I want to make another one to add to the kid’s playroom! They love to play with the little tassels, and it’s such a fun and easy project. Why not make more?


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