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10 Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home

decorPublished June 19, 2020


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As an amateur home decorator and DIY enthusiast, I often get asked for tips on adding color to a home. It can be intimidating picking out colors for a space, and the process of decorating an entire house can quickly become overwhelming. That’s not a good reason to live in a home devoid of color! There are plenty of easy, creative ways you can add color to your home, and some of those ways don’t even include paint!

10 Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home

1. Paint the doors.

Doors don’t have to be boring! A door is such a small project that can make a lasting impact. Consider painting your kid’s room door a bright color. Or paint the inside of your front door black (I’ve done this several times and loved it!). You could even paint fun designs or shapes on the interior of a door to add a bit of whimsy to the room.

2. Paint the ceiling.

Who says ceilings have to be white? Flip the script on a room and keep the walls white, but add a punch of color to your ceiling! Add a fantastic fixture, and you’ve suddenly created your favorite room in the house!

3. Create a feature wall.

Feature walls are a fun way to add color (or texture!) to the room without having to paint at all. I have added shiplap to a wall and it was a fantastic transformation. Or you can try your hand at removable wallpaper! They come in all kinds of beautiful designs. And they’re easy to remove should you change your mind in a few months (or years!).

4. Paint your cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are prime real estate for adding color in your home! Many homeowners are choosing to leave their walls neutral and opt for a pop of color on the cabinets. You could even do a two-tone kitchen by painting the upper cabinets white and the lower cabinets a fresh, fun color.

5. Paint the interior of bookshelves.

10 Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home
Via Houzz

Add depth and fun to a room by painting the interior of your bookshelves. Add some neutral (or coordinating colorful) décor and books and you’ve got a great new look for your library!

6. Add plants.

10 Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home
Via dhoumm

Not only are plants a great way to add color to a room, but they also add life! Pick a few easy, indoor-friendly plants, or invest in a weekly colorful bouquet. Display your new plant friends proudly (and don’t forget to water them!).

7. Use colorful accessories.

My personal décor style is very neutral with hints of color, and I usually add that color with accessories. Colorful throw pillows or blankets add just the right amount of personality to my home décor. And I can change the color anytime I want without much cost or effort just by switching out the accessories!

8. Paint the furniture.

A fun way to add a bit of spunk to your kitchen or dining room is to paint the table and chairs a fresh, fun color! Or you can add a pop of color to your foyer with a painted table or cabinet.

9. Add some artwork.

Use your kids’ never-ending stream of creative genius for art! Buy a dozen different sized frames and have your kids make you some colorful masterpieces. Every time they create a new one, it’s an easy swap. And they will be so proud to have their art displayed for the world to see!

10. Play with rugs and curtains.

10 Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Home

One fun way to add some color to your main spaces is to opt for a colorful rug or curtains. Curtains are easy to change and relatively inexpensive (you could even try your hand at making your own!). And you can easily find fun, colorful rugs online. In fact, one of my new favorite places to buy rugs is from Ruggable.com because all of their rugs are beautiful and . . . wait for it . . . washable!!!

These are just a few ways you can add hints and pops of color into any space in your home. Many of these ideas are inexpensive and don’t take much time at all to accomplish. So, stop letting color overwhelm stop you from adding personality to your room! Pick your color and try your hand at bringing your home to life with color!


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