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Mimijumi Very Hungry Bottle

Published December 18, 2018

by babychick


Founded by Dr Frank Drummond, Dr Bill Collomb and design director Lukas Scherrer, Mimijumi is an innovative range of bottles that mimics the natural experience of breastfeeding as closely as possible. With a nipple made from 100 per cent medical grade silicone and textured to feel like human skin, this is the closest thing to a breast… apart from an actual breast. With a patented anti-colic and anti-gas system, the Mimijumi nipple only has one piece (meaning there’s no irritating parts to wash and take care of!). The bottle itself is made of Swiss-made Grilamid TR90 material – it’s clear and tough like glass, but shatter-proof. By using Mimijumi baby bottles, mothers can choose to breastfeed, bottle feed, or go back and forth between the two.

The unique design of the Mimijumi single-part, flow rate 1 (slow) nipple prevents colic and means fewer parts to clean with minimal assembly – simply attach the nipple to the bottle!

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