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Matching Robe with Baby Swaddle Set

Published December 23, 2018

by babychick


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The Maternity/ Delivery/ Nursing Robes are a great style accessory. Pack one in your hospital bag for your hospital stay, pop it on for those first pictures with your new baby and keep it handy for postpartum visitors. Feminine and practical, they’ve got you covered with numerous prints.

The cleverly hidden side pockets are perfect to hold your phone. You can feel stylish and still easily walk the halls of your maternity ward, or feed your newborn in comfort. The robes are made of 95% cotton / 5% spandex and wash as well as they wear. An attached belt helps easy sizing down from a belly bump to a nursing mom, allowing for generous changes from maternity to delivery to postnatal days and nights.

The blanket and knotted hat they created are to perfectly match mommy’s post-delivery robe. The blanket is free of straps, velcro, zippers, or snaps so your sweet newborn can experience complete comfort without unnecessary irritation.


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