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GroVia – All Natural BioLiners

December 24, 2018

by babychick


The 100% natural liners are made from Ingeo fibers, a renewable fiber without any harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives, that is gentle against your baby’s skin. Safe to use with both cloth diapers and disposable diapers. BioLiners allow for moisture to pass through the diaper while keeping your baby’s skin dry, and keeps solids contained for easy clean-up

Place one new BioLiner inside the diaper, on top of your soaker pad, to keep messes contained for easy clean-up. At the next diaper change, simply remove the liner and toss. BioLiners should not be used as an absorbent layer in your Hybrid Cloth Diaper Shell or other diapers. They are designed to lay on top of your absorbent layer to help keep solids contained for easy clean-up. If you choose to flush please remember you are responsible for the capacity of your plumbing or septic system.