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babybay Organic Comfort Bedside Sleeper – The Natural

December 18, 2018

by babychick


For parents who want to keep their babies close, safe, and comforted while sleeping, babybay® is the eco-friendly bedside sleeper that lets parents soothe and nurse their newborn without getting out of bed. Hand-crafted in Germany from local, sustainably-sourced beechwood for an all natural baby crib that is free from plastics, wood glues or harmful toxins. The bedside sleeper is a baby crib that attaches securely and easily to your bed so you can soothe and nurse your baby with comfort and ease. With a convenient, modular design, you can easily transform your babybay® into a bassinet by removing the barrier! The untreated finish of The Natural lets the eco-friendly beechwood shine as it’s perfectly sanded to be smooth to the touch. The Classic Comfort Bassinet bundle features the Organic Comfort mattress pad with a Cooling Comfort jersey sheet.