Birth Stories

6 Reasons to Give Birth at a Birth Center

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 By Cheyenne Bell
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While pregnant with my first baby I did a lot of research into a hospital birth vs. a home birth. I already knew I wasn’t that comfortable with the hospital option (just watch The Business of Being Born and you’ll see why), but I also had some hesitation about having a baby at home (and my husband was vehemently opposed to that idea). We didn’t realize until we started doing our homework that a third option was available to us: the Birth Center. What is a birth center? A birth center is a “home-like facility existing within a healthcare system…


The Last First Night Home with a “New” Baby

Friday, August 19, 2016 By Jessica Tomes

Sweet, baby Brooklyn Olivia was born on July 3, at 3:05 p.m. Our last baby (or so we think for now), she is perfect in every way. Nine months of pregnancy flew by in a blur — in part, because I didn’t even realize I was pregnant for the first three months — oops! But we couldn’t wait to meet her. It was all her big sisters could talk about. And baby Brooklyn didn’t disappoint; she is everything we’d hoped she’d be and oh so much more. In some ways, her birth was very similar to the others. In other…


The Power of Birth Photography

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 By Lanie Towsley

When my friend Kerri and I discussed the prospect of her taking photos of my labor and delivery with babe number two I was really on the fence. My first labor and delivery had been photographed by one of the doulas present, but for some reason I never wanted to look back at those photos. In my head, I was still self-conscious about what I had looked like during labor and especially during delivery — I was still somewhat uncomfortable with it. However, I know Kerri is a phenomenal photographer and eventually Nina was able to convince me that I…


Birth Photography: Capturing The Moment You First Became a Mother

Monday, September 28, 2015 By Nina Spears

As an expectant mother, you’ve probably been planning every detail of your birth that you possibly can. You’ve planned where you will be giving birth, you’ve selected your care provider, you’re preparing for how you want to give birth, and you may have even picked out the cutest little outfit you’ll be putting your baby in when he or she comes home. Of course you have and you should! This is going to be one of the biggest days of your life and you want to be prepared as much as possible. But have you thought of this… If this is going to be one…


12 Tips to a Happier + Healthier Birth – Part II

Friday, May 29, 2015 By Nina Spears

I’ve gotten you halfway there. Who knew it would take this much to prepare for the birth of your baby?! I did. 😉 Here are the remaining 6 tips to having a better birth! 7. Massage You may be one of those people that loves going to the spa and getting a massage, or you may be someone that hates massages because you don’t like to be touched. I promise, no matter which way you feel, you WILL want to be touched/massaged during labor. In a study done by the Touch Research Institute (Miami, Florida), laboring women who received massages…


My Journey to Motherhood

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 By Quinn Kelly

My journey to motherhood began like most of you. I looked down at a pregnancy test and saw a positive sign. And did not believe what I saw. I sat back down on the toilet and just stared. My body felt weak. And tingly. My first thought. “Wow. So that’s how it happens. This little tiny test just told me that a baby has begun growing inside of ME? Is that really it? Is it really real? I didn’t believe it. So I then went and bought four more tests. Because two, three, or four positive tests were not enough…


Fischer’s BIRTHday

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 By Lanie Towsley

I want to say I remember that day like it was yesterday. You know, seeing as how it ranks at the top of my “most important days of my life” list. But the truth is..I don’t remember it like it was yesterday. Sure, I remember bits and pieces..but sometimes when I recall it my husband has to tell me “no, it didn’t happen QUITE that way..” With all of the excitement, nerves, oxytocin, and ..oh, those sleepless nights for months afterwards, certain details have gotten lost. Luckily, my amazing birth doula, Nina – The Baby Chick, took labor notes throughout…


I Remember, This is Love: A Birth Story By Sarah Ring

Monday, May 11, 2015 By Sarah Ring

As I approached the end of my first pregnancy in spring 2012, I cannot tell you how many women said to me “Don’t worry, you won’t remember being in labor or the pain once they put that precious baby in your arms”. Even then, I felt like they we’re completely full of it. My experience was so different, because I honestly remember it all. I remember silently having the most painful contractions while having dinner with my in-laws at Square Burger in downtown McKinney (I had the high society burger and sweet potato fries, which I highly recommend to this…