Babies are Stinky

babies are stinky, how to remove the bad smell around babies

Babies are Stinky

Babies are ADORABLE. They can also be quite STINKY. Just #speakingthetruthhere. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE babies. (I better! I’m about to give birth to baby number three. Literally, I could go into labor at any moment.) However, there are some aspects of parenting that are slightly unpleasant, and stinky babies just happen to be one of them. It doesn’t have to be that way though! I’ve gathered a list of some things that can really stink and some tips on how to make your home (and baby) smell fresh and clean!

1. Baby diapers are stinky. Diaper pails and cloth diapers can also be stinky.

What can you do about it? Invest in a good-quality diaper pail (if you’re going to use one at all), and an equally good wet bag. Something that really contains the smell. As seasoned mamas know, brand-new baby poop doesn’t smell — especially brand-new breastfed baby poop. (I’ve even heard a few whacked-out moms say they enjoy the smell… I won’t name names.) But the rest of it? Literally the worst. Yuck times ten.

Babies are stinky, Fresh Wave, Logan and Lenora, Smelly baby laundry

2. Baby can sometimes be stinky.

Bathe your baby semi-regularly! This sounds obvious, but days can get busy with a newborn and baths sometimes can be forgotten. And those sweet, chubby, little baby rolls under baby’s chins? That’s a great place for milk dribble and spit-up to hide. (Unfortunately, I am speaking from experience here.) You really have to get in those folds with a baby wipe. Not only does it get smelly, it can also cause painful skin irritation. But don’t bathe baby too often! This can also cause skin irritation (over-drying). We are big fans of the aden + anais hair + body wash for keeping baby so fresh and so clean, clean. (Seriously, re-read that last sentence and try not to sing along.)

3. Baby vomit also smells. Like rancid, sour milk. Because that’s what it is.

I’ve mentioned before that my babies have all been projectile pukers. I only breastfed my oldest for three months, because we could never leave the house. EVERYTHING was covered in baby puke. Me, the baby, my bed, the carpet next to my bed — it was enough to make a mama crazy. Add in the whole new parent, no-sleep thing and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. It’s a miracle I decided to breastfeed baby number two at all. Here’s hoping baby (girl) number three doesn’t have the same feeding issues. Fingers crossed! But I digress. All babies spit-up. And all spit-up is stinky. So our advice? Always keep super cute, and highly-absorbable burp cloths on hand for emergency situations. We love these Muslin Baby Burpies from Swaddle Designs! Made of 100% premium cotton muslin, they’ll protect your clothing AND catch baby’s spills and dribbles. Did we mention they are also super cute? Hashtag, so in love.


Babies are stinky, Swaddle Designs, Fresh Wave, Bottle feeding, Breast feeding, Burpies

Babies are stinky, Swaddle Designs, Burpies, Breastfeeding, Bottle feeding

Warning: We must point out that not all baby smells are created equal. A weird or bad baby smell can actually indicate a serious health problem — so don’t just sweep it under the rug! Any sour smell that cleans up with warm water is nothing to worry about. But if the stink persists, you may want to consult your baby’s doctor. As we always say, better safe than sorry! And that milky baby smell? Eventually it, too, will go away, when baby moves on to more solid foods. And you know what? You may even find you miss it. You’re a parent now; you’re going to find yourself missing all kinds of crazy things. (Like your sex life, and your waist line, and your disposable income.) But hey, totally worth it.

Babies are stinky, Fresh Wave

Babies are stinky, Fresh Wave

And good news! There are measures you can take to put the baby funk in its proper place. For safe, natural odor-removal, I turn to Fresh Wave. With products like sprays, gels, candles, and laundry boosters, there are so many options for saying buh-bye to the baby stink. And the scent? Like a little slice of organic heaven. Bonus, they’re safe for the environment! LOVE. But don’t just take my word for it. Give ‘em a try, and let us know what you think!


Got any top-secret tips or suggestions? We are all ears. Keep fighting the good fight, mommies and daddies! Baby stink doesn’t even stand a chance.

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