Did you pump so much milk that you now have a freezer full of breast milk and don’t know what to do with it? So often I read about moms tossing out hundreds and thousands of ounces of breast milk. Stop right there! Don’t toss out all that hard work. Put that milk to use! Here are 10 things you can do with frozen breast milk.

10 Things to Do with Frozen Breast Milk

1. Feed your baby when you’re out and about.

When you know you have extra breast milk and you won’t get engorged from pushing out a nursing session, or you simply need milk to bribe your infant while you’re out, take a bottle and some previously frozen breast milk with you and feed your baby. Then once you get home you can pump and freeze some fresh milk to use several months down the road.

2. Breast milk doesn’t have to be consumed as a liquid.

You can actually make ice cream out of breast milk or toss it into the blender with some fruits and vegetables for a delicious smoothie to feed your infant or even an older child! Often, you have to pour a liquid in the blender to make it work properly as it blends fruits and vegetables, anyways, so instead of using water or whole milk, defrost some breast milk and pour it in for a healthier option for your child.

3. Make some breast milk popsicles.

Not only are these healthy, but they often provide relief to a teething baby. Whether you’ve mixed in some fruits or vegetables or just kept it plain, chewing on a breast milk popsicle is much more rewarding than chewing on a frozen silicone or gel toy. You can even put breast milk ice cubes in a mesh fresh food feeder, or a silicone feeder to help provide relief to your teething baby.

4. Defrost some breast milk to use with baby cereal.

Why use water when you have a stash of milk?! Baby cereal is known to provide iron as well as to help babies put on weight, and while mixing in some breast milk is beneficial to all infants, it can be a really great idea for those who won’t breastfeed but will eat the milk in foods like cereal.

5. Donate extra breast milk.

Did you know that there are organizations that will accept your frozen breast milk for donation? No, it does not need to always be fresh, you can definitely donate frozen milk instead of throwing it away. Contact local organizations such as La Leche League or your local hospital for more information on how you can donate breast milk and help families in need.

6. Breast milk does not always need to be used as a food.

As a source of vitamins, proteins, and fats, giving your child a milk bath can be both healthy and make for a fun photoshoot.

7. Does your child have eczema?

The fats and proteins in milk leave your baby’s skin soft. Aside from using it in a milk bath, you can make lotion, soap, or chapstick to help soften your baby’s skin.

8. Put it in baby’s eyes.

Breast milk can also clear up your baby’s gooey, red eyes. Make sure it’s the right temperature and use as eye drops. I’ve seen my infants eye go from swollen and red to perfectly normal in under 24 hours, so I’m telling you from experience! It’s harmless to your babies eyes, gets the gunk right out, and is much easier to wipe off your baby’s eyes than using water and a washcloth and having to rub your baby’s eyes.

9. Use for stuffy noses.

Is your child congested but you can’t understand all the ingredients used in saline drops? Just put a couple drops of breastmilk to clear that baby right out. It’s a much gentler liquid than saline and doesn’t come with a list of ingredients.

10. Breast milk isn’t just for babies!

You can even use breast milk on your own skin or eyes, or on an older child’s for the same benefits!

Don’t let that liquid gold go to waste, mamas!

We recently shared a great holiday gift guide for little boys, and now we have our holiday gift guide for little girls! There are so many cute things out there that it was hard to choose, but we think these ideas will be a big hit. Here’s what we recommend considering adding to your holiday shopping list. 🙂

Gift Ideas: Under $50

1 | Melissa and Doug Pretend Food Set ($13)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

I remember playing “house” all the time as a little girl. This wooden play food set would have been a dream! It includes 21 hand-painted solid wood pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a balanced “meal.” The items includes cheese, milk, watermelon, tomato, bread, fish, egg, steak, and much more! Four wooden crates are included to sort the food into groups — dairy, produce (for fruits and vegetables), grains, and meat and fish. She can also sort by color or use the crates to combine foods to serve up pretend-play meals.

2 | Retro Lite-Brite ($15)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Lite Brite was a favorite of mine when I was a little girl. It inspires creativity with colorful pegs and art templates for your child to copy or they can freestyle & create their own designs. Press the button to light up the artwork in 4 different light shows from pulsing to blinking. It’s a classic! Warning: It’s a choking hazard for children under the age of 8 years old.

3 | Green Toys Tea Set ($18)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Every little girl loves to host a tea party. We love this adorable tea set because not only is it cute, it’s also environmentally safe, non-toxic, and dishwasher friendly. It’s made with recycled and organic materials and includes a tea pot and lid, a sugar bowl with lid, creamer, 4 cups, 4 saucers, and 4 spoons.

4 | Unicorn Slippers ($20)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Could these unicorn slippers be any cuter?! I’m not joking, I want a pair for myself. Get these before they sell out.

5 | Stainless Steel Pretend Pots and Pans Set ($24)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

You’re kiddo may be playing with your pots and pans in the kitchen, but this amazing little pots and pans set is perfect for her pretend meals! They will love “cooking” up their own masterpieces and being the tiny chef of the house.

6 | Retro Baby Sitter’s Club Book Collection ($28)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Does the little girl in your life like to read? Get her this amazing retro book collection of the Baby Sitter’s Club books. These are favorites! She will love reading them all.

7 | Scientist Costume Set ($28)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Playing dress up as a pretend princess is a lot of fun, but we also like to show how smart girls can be an dress up as scientists! This scientist costume set has an official white lab coat with a reusable name tag. It’s sized to fit most little lab techs five to eight years old and is made from high quality materials and sturdily constructed for years of experimenting fun. The set also features scientific tools of the trade, such as goggles, non-breakable beaker, test tube, petri dish, wooden stirrers, measuring spoon, hypothesis card, and a set of ringed experiment cards with hands-on experiments. Aspiring scientists will love the six included illustrated experiments they can do at home using these cards and tools!

8 | Lego Classic Creative Builder Box ($30)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

This LEGO Classic Creative Builder Box set allows for open-ended creativity and imagination. It features a mix of classic LEGO bricks, including a wide selection of doors and windows plus shapes and special elements for creating all kinds of buildings. Boys and girls love legos and this set will have her entertained for hours as she builds houses and buildings in her own little Legoland. 🙂

9 | Razor Kick Scooter ($30)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Kids like to go, go, GO! And this pink Razor scooter is the cutest thing. It’s lightweight, the aluminum frame folds up for easy storage, and the urethane wheels deliver a smooth ride. The adjustable handlebars have foam grips which are great and accommodate users of varying heights.

10 | Bébé Graceful Bath Baby Doll ($40)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Little girls love to take their baby dolls everywhere with them–including the bath tub. But with this water-friendly baby doll, they can! It’s is ready for bath time because it is made from vanilla-scented vinyl and features quick-drying clothes and closing eyes. So cool!

11 | Little People Big Dreams Box Sets ($40)

Little People, BIG DREAMS is a best-selling series of educational books that explore the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. These empowering books tell the story of powerful women. The Women in Science features Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, and Ada Lovelace. The second gift set, Women in Art, features Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo, and Audrey Hepburn. Offering an inspiring messages to children of all ages, these books feature stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos.

12 | Kid’s Spicebox Bracelets by Me ($20)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

I think friendship bracelets will always be a thing. This bracelet set allows your little jewelry maker to DIY her own bracelets! It comes with 16 skeins of thread, an instruction book and 9 templates. She just might make a bracelet for you! 🙂

13 | Mod Paint Sticks ($18)Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

 *15% off with code modfam15 on Amazon!

Say goodbye to liquid paint and brushes! We all know those can create quite the mess. These Mod Paint Sticks are vibrant in color and glide across your paper. You don’t need cups, smocks, brushes or water. These paint sticks dry within 90 seconds once used to paint and the paint doesn’t crack! We also love that they are non-toxic and lead free and allow our little artists to let their imaginations run wild!

14 | Little Tikes Trampoline ($45)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Don’t we all want our toddlers to burn off energy? This indoor trampoline is awesome. It features a large jumping surface and a handle bar for stability. Your little girl (and boy) will go crazy over this!

15 | Non-toxic Girls Nail Polish ($35)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

We love Piggy Paint! (We wrote all about them here.) And their polishes make an awesome stocking stuffer for your little girl. Their nail polishes are non-toxic, virtually odorless, water-based, cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA! Their hypoallergenic formula makes it safe to use on all piggies! We also love that it dries quickly so less messes for our baby girls. 🙂

16 | Gymnastics Mat ($30)Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

This ombre gymnastics mat is the best! Children can barely contain themselves when there’s a gym mat on the floor. It triggers tumbles, summersaults and play – but in a safe way. When it’s time for rest, fold it and put it aside.

Gift Ideas: $50-100

1 | Heirloom Wooden Nativity Set ($65)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

This super-cute, all-wood nativity set is a wonderful holiday gift for young children and adults, alike! This colorful set helps children easily understand the Christmas story. It is very durable and easily cleaned, making it a wonderful toy or beautiful display piece! The 3.5 in size (large figures) are a nice, large size for small hands.

2 | Cuddle + Kind Stuffed Lamb ($52+)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

These Cuddle + Kind stuffed animals are the sweetest. This little lamb hand knit set made with super soft Peruvian cotton yarns and stuffed with cuddle-safe hypoallergenic polyfill makes a sweet companion for your little girl and a friend.

3 | Hunter Rain Boots ($55)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

These classic rain boots are just the cutest thing for these cold and wet winters. We couldn’t help ourselves and had to add these adorable Hunter boots to our gift guide.

4 | Fujifilm Instax Mini ($56)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Is your little girl a budding photographer? These pictures that your little one can take make photo-taking so much fun because you get the printed pictures instantly! It brings you right back to the 90s. 😉 You just may have to buy more film because she will love it so much that photos will be taken constantly!

5 | Kid’s Loog Mini Guitar ($79)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

This natural wood mini guitar is a great choice for a little girl who loves to rock out! It doesn’t function as a real guitar, but she will have just as much fun with this one singing to every song as she “plays” along.

6 | Nod Chair ($72)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Isn’t this small daisy Nod chair adorable? We sure thought so. This mini chair has durable 100% cotton covers that are machine washable and are made in the USA. She will love having her own little seat anywhere in the house. Easily move it to any room.

7 | Personalized Make Up Toy Set ($52)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Oh man. This make up toy set is precious. Lots of little girls love to play with their mom’s make up, but this personalized set is the perfect thing to play pretend as a make up artist. This set including a mirror, a brush, 5 pieces of cosmetics and a waist bag! Before you know it she just might be making her own YouTube make up tutorials. 😉

8 | Adidas Pink Sneakers ($50-$65)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

They have the cutest things for kids these days. Like these ice pink adidas sneakers. Gimme, gimme! I definitely need a pair for myself. Mommy and me set, right?

Gift Ideas: $100+

1 | The Barbie Game: Queen of the Prom ($100)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Do y’all remember this game?! This is a fabulous replica of the original 1961 Queen of the Prom board game! Retro graphics and real-life situational game play keep this game an enduring classic. Your little girl (5 and up) can play along as Barbie makes her way through the typical teenage day finding a boyfriend, shopping for formal wear, signing up for school clubs, and earning a little pocket cash as a part time model. Barbie’s goal is to make her way to Queen of the Prom! Game includes board, game cards, money, die, and game markers.

2 | Retro Play Kitchen ($145)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Y’all know that we love a cute play kitchen and this retro pink kitchen with brass handles made us so giddy! The cooking station includes a modern upper fridge and lower freezer with water and ice option, a sink with stove below, 2 burners, and storage space to store any cooking utensils or Tupperware.

3 | Historic American Girl Doll ($150+)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

American Girl dolls are a favorite and timeless gift! I had the Samantha doll growing up and absolutely loved her. She comes in an authentic 1904 outfit: A petal-pink dress with a layer of sheer dotted mesh on top, a lace hem and collar, short puff sleeves, and a burgundy velvet sash, white tights, white bloomers, black Mary Jane shoes, and a burgundy ribbon for her hair. The 18″ Samantha doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. This set includes the paperback book Manners and Mischief, the first novel-length volume of Samantha’s classic series.

4 | KidKraft Deluxe Wood Easel ($100)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

This double-sided wood easel is perfect for playtime. It has a storage rack below, a place to put paint, brushes, markers, an eraser (that comes with the easel) and more. One side is a chalkboard and the other side is a dry erase board. At the top you can include a paper roll for your little girl to create even more beautiful artwork.

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls | Baby Chick

Marijuana During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently published a study about the effects of marijuana on babies because marijuana has been found to be one of the most commonly used substances during pregnancy in the United States.

Who uses Marijuana during pregnancy?

With an increase in legalization of marijuana in many states, some pregnant moms are turning to the drug for relief of nausea associated with early pregnancy. Statistics vary significantly among different socioeconomic status, geography, and age of moms, but the AAP reports that up to 9.4% of women admit to some form of marijuana use during pregnancy (Ryan, Ammerman, O’Connor, 2018).

The highest use rates are reported between the ages of 18 and 25. The highest concentration of marijuana users among pregnant moms in one state appears to be Vermont with 9.4% of pregnant moms reporting marijuana use. Tobacco use, on the other hand, is down during pregnancy, falling from 19.9% of moms using tobacco to 12.8% (Passey, 2014). 60% of moms who use marijuana report that they believe it is less dangerous to the baby than tobacco (Passey, 2014). Whereas moms who typically use cocaine, ecstasy, or other stimulants typically stop using them by the second trimester, 48% of marijuana users report using marijuana through the entire pregnancy (Ryan, Ammerman, O’Connor, 2018).

Why do moms use Marijuana during pregnancy?

The AAP reports that because marijuana use is being touted on the internet as a safe means of reducing nausea during pregnancy, this has become a significant concern. Currently there is no scientific data to back up this claim that marijuana alleviates nausea and vomiting during pregnancy (Ryan, Ammerman, O’Connor, 2018). So, that gives us a little bit of background on who is using marijuana, now let’s examine what it might be doing to the unborn baby.

What are the effects on the baby with use of Marijuana during pregnancy?

One study found that the cannabidiol in marijuana can cause the fetus to have increased exposure to marijuana and other potentially toxic substances because it makes the placenta more permeable, so it allows passage of chemicals that would otherwise be blocked.

An additional study tells us that the marijuana does cross the placenta and it does get into the baby’s blood stream. Through the baby’s blood stream, the THC molecule in the molecule then travels to the baby’s brain (Ryan, Ammerman, O’Connor, 2018). Some studies have found that the THC in the baby’s blood is approximately one third to one tenth of the concentration in the mother’s blood.

Additionally, studies have found that when moms smoke marijuana, the serum carbon monoxide concentrations in pregnant women are five times higher than those who smoke tobacco products and this affects the amount of oxygen the baby gets and could negatively affect the baby in the womb (Ryan, Ammerman, O’Connor, 2018).

It is very difficult to study the effects of marijuana alone because many users of marijuana also use tobacco, alcohol and other substances, so more precise studies need to be completed.

A review of the literature and one study in particular, found that babies born to moms who use marijuana often have lower birth weight, smaller head circumference, smaller birth lengths, and higher incidence of admission to the neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Studies also found that babies exposed to both marijuana and tobacco in utero were more likely to experience adverse reactions. Additional studies have found that babies who were exposed to marijuana in utero had higher pitched cries and abnormal sleep patterns (Ryan, Ammerman, O’Connor, 2018).

There have been two longitudinal studies conducted to evaluate the long-term implications of marijuana use during pregnancy and the results show that children age four and up who were exposed to marijuana in utero show lower scores in verbal reasoning and memory tasks. Some studies showed that children at age six who were exposed to marijuana, compared with non-exposed children in the control group, showed deficits in language comprehension, memory, visual and/or perceptual function, and reading tasks that require sustained attention. Children exposed to higher amounts of marijuana prenatally demonstrated higher dysfunction on impulsive and hyperactive scales. In older children, deficits were found in impulse control and problem solving when they were exposed to marijuana in utero (Ryan, Ammerman, O’Connor, 2018).

What about Marijuana use during breastfeeding?

Marijuana use is a consideration for breastfeeding, as well. Studies show that marijuana does cross into the breast milk.

Studies regarding the outcomes of the marijuana in breast milk on baby development are largely inconclusive, but it is still recommended that mothers breastfeed their babies. It is also recommended that mothers refrain from smoking or ingesting marijuana while breastfeeding.

Studies show that the potency of marijuana is much higher today than it was ten years ago and new practices of ingesting it through vaping and dabbing increase the concentration of THC even more (Ryan, Ammerman, O’Connor, 2018). Additionally, marijuana is often grown with toxic pesticides and the unborn baby and the breastfeeding baby can be exposed to these toxins as well.

Marijuana during pregnancy and breastfeeding: is it safe?

Legalization of marijuana can give the false impression that it is safe, but there simply are not enough studies to prove that it is safe for unborn and/or breastfeeding babies. Further research is needed, but the AAP states that marijuana use among women who are of child bearing age or breastfeeding is strongly discouraged.

Passey  ME, Sanson-Fisher  RW, D’Este  CA, Stirling  JM.  (2014). Tobacco, alcohol and cannabis use during pregnancy: clustering of risks. Drug Alcohol Depend;134:44–50pmid:24095245
Ryan, S., Ammerman, S., O’Connor, M. (2018). Marijuana use during pregnancy and breastfeeding: Implications for neonatal and childhood outcomes. Pediatrics. The American Academy of Pediatrics Clinical Report.

Many people think that boys can be hard to shop for, but we certainly don’t think so! There are so many fun products out there, both old and new, that would make amazing Christmas presents for the little boys in your life. If you’re feeling a bit stumped on what to get, here’s our holiday gift guide for little boys.

Gift Ideas Under $50

1 | Marvel Super Hero Cape Set ($24)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

What kid doesn’t love to dress up and play make-believe? Especially if you can be a superhero! This kit comes with four authentic Marvel Super Hero capes and coordinating eye masks for: Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor. This is sure to be a Christmas favorite!

2 | Hot Potato Passing Game ($13)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

A classic old game brought to life! Kids love the Hot Potato passing game. This musical game is designed for 2-6 players that can be played by the whole family. Just squeeze the Hot Potato to start the music and let the fun begin. Just don’t get caught holding the spud when the music stops! If you do, you have to take a potato chip card. Get 3 chip cards and you’re out. The last player remaining without 3 chip cards is the winner!


3 | Crazy Crayons Eco Stars (100% Recycled Crayons) ($13)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

These crazy crayon eco-stars are too cool! There are 20 star shaped, solid color crayons in a box, and they are made and packaged in the USA with 100% recycled non-toxic materials. They fit perfectly in a child’s hand for coloring inside the lines or doodling, and when one crayon starts getting dull, no problem! Just turn to the next point. I really love that it’s an earth conscious choice for all crayon users, that it’s great for school and home, and that these are made with crayons collected by the National Crayon Recycle Program. Your purchase of this product supports “Recycling Education” and employs people with developmental disabilities, creating a positive earth conscious impact through the art of coloring and recycling. 🙂

4 | Wooden Tabletop Paper Roll Dispenser ($17) & 3-Pack Easel Paper Roll ($15)

Let him express his creative side! This convenient wooden tabletop paper dispenser, preloaded with a 75-foot roll of premium white bond paper sets your boy up for artistic good times. The child-safe tear strip makes it easy for him to tear off just what he needs.

Need more papers? We recommend getting a three replacement paper rolls to refill your Tabletop Paper-Roll Dispenser. Each roll holds 75 feet of premium heavyweight bond paper that’s ideal for crayons, markers, colored pencils, stamp projects or paint.


5 | Twister ($19)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

This game always creates lots of laughs and good times. Parents like it because it is very easy for kids to set up and take down. It also allows five or six kids to play at once so the little boy in your life can play with family members or friends. Onlookers seem to have just about as much fun as those playing it do so it’s a win for everyone. 🙂

6 | Gummy Bear Candy Lab ($20)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

If your little guy seems to be interested in science or cooking in the kitchen, he will be thrilled with this cool science kit that lets him use a natural gelatin-like ingredient called carrageenan that is made from seaweed to make tasty sweet or sour gummy creations. He’ll learn about the scientific properties of natural polymers as well as other chemistry basics, all while having lots of fun.

7 | Lego Classic Creative Brick Box ($28)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

This collection of LEGOs in 35 different colors will encourage open-ended building play, and inspire any imagination. It comes with windows, eyes, and lots and lots of wheels. You can suggest a story-starter to get their creativity going like an undersea adventure or a day at the zoo and watch what “out-of-the-box” creations they come up with, or you can suggest one of the included building ideas to get things started. Either way, this set allows imaginations to run wild!


8 | My First Book of Feminism (for Boys!) ($9)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

Looking for a good book to add to his library? This book teaches important lessons by using humorous, familiar scenarios to cover everything from “no means no,” to it being okay to play with any toys whether they are labeled for girls or boys, to “women’s rights are human rights.” It has simple illustrations paired with engaging, rhyming text that make it compelling and fun. These important, grownup ideas are made clear for young, impressionable minds. It’s the book every mom should read to her son!

9 | Green Toys Recycling Truck ($28)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

Your eco-conscious little one will learn recycling basics while playing with this super cool recycling truck. Each side of the truck features three chutes – one for paper, one for cans, and one for bottles – so little ones learn to sort their recyclables into the appropriate receptacle. The whole recycling bed also tilts back and the rear door opens, allowing the contents to easily slide out for another round. What makes this toy extra special is that Green Toys are manufactured and assembled in the USA, and they’re made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic milk jugs (HDPE #2 plastic) that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With no external coatings, paints, or dyes, this super-safe, durable toy is good for the earth and safe and fun for little ones. It’s also packaged in recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy-based inks.

10 | Taco and Tortilla Play Set ($30)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

Could this taco set be any cuter?! Your budding chef can host taco night with this 44-piece play set that includes everything he needs to chop, cook, fill and serve a taco, fajita or burrito. Yum!

11 | Children’s Sushi Selection ($30)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

If sushi is more his thing than tacos, this sushi play set is the jam!–or should I say, the wasabi. 😉 Widen his palate and interest to different foods by playing with different types of food! This sushi set promotes fine motor skills, role playing, and tons of creativity.

12 | Hape Fix It Toolbox ($20) or Personalized Children’s Wooden Tool Belt Toy ($49)

If your little man likes to “fix” things around the house and be just like his old man, this tool box and personalized tool belt will be a huge hit! He’ll be wanting to be your big helper as he tries to tackle the “honey-do” list. 😉

13 | Classic Etch A Sketch ($13)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

Now this toy brings back so many memories. For more than 50 years, children have been discovering the magical world of creativity and pencil-free drawing with Classic Etch A Sketch. The iconic frame, easy-to-use knobs, magic screen and shake-to-erase feature — not to mention the endless hours of fun it provides — have made it popular all around the world.

14 | Personalized Wooden Toy Bowling Game ($29)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

Is bowling a favorite game of his? This adorable personalized wooden bowling game is not only fun for him to play but the sweetest keepsake for him to save. While playing, he can choose to line up the pins, place them in a circle, or set them in order by letter. He will also practice problem solving and hand eye coordination as he aims to knock the pins down. There are countless hours of fun, imaginative, and educational play in this game set.

15 | Nerf Gun Blaster ($13)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

Little boys love a good nerf gun. This Strongarm blaster holds 6 Elite darts and fires darts up to 90 feet! No batteries are necessary for this bad boy, and the rotating barrel flips open for easy loading. 

16 | Let’s Play Ball! ($20)

Little boys love these toy sets and here’s what we love about each of them!

T-Ball Set: This T-ball set has an adjustable height “T” that adapts to your child’s developing skills, and the oversized bat and balls make hitting easy. When children enjoy early success, they will be more likely to enjoy the game and continue to improve. Tee ball sets are ideal — a child can play by themselves or with others. What’s also cool? The special “hang-on-the-wall” design makes for easy storage

Basketball Set: Designed for children 18 months to 5 years old, introduces kids of all abilities to the game of basketball and competitive play. The height can be adjusted to six settings between 2 and 4 feet to accommodate even the littlest hoop Star. The oversize rim and kid-size basketball ensure easy scoring and help kids develop hand-eye coordination while providing the right challenge level. Before play, add sand to the base for stability. It comes with 3 Junior sized basketballs, but here is a replacement set of 2 in case some get lost.

Easy Catch Ball and Glove: It’s specially designed with eager little baseball players in mind. This colorful child’s glove and ball uses Velcro strips to make catching easier and less frustrating. This set includes one (1) child’s glove and one (1) Velcro ball.

Gift Ideas: $50-$100

1 | Standing Art Easel ($63)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

With this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Art Easel, your little boy can create art with paint, chalk, pens, crayons, markers, and more, all at one convenient station. And when art time is over, parents and caregivers will appreciate the two-sided easel’s easy-to-clean design–one side is a chalkboard, on the other is a dry erase board, and in between the two easel sides is a dowel for holding a butcher paper roll. The easel includes sturdy clips that can hold oversized individual art papers onto the easel’s surfaces.

2 | Outdoor Sand and Water Table ($63)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

I got one of these for my nephew’s birthday and it was a big hit! There is something about going outside and playing with water that makes little boys’ hearts bounce. 🙂 I love this particular outdoor sand and water table since tots can build sand castles on one side and sail toy boats on the other. Your little guy can make believe he’s sailing the Seven seas and then arrive on an island to dig for buried treasure.

3 | Teepee ($80)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

These teepees are seriously the coolest. This tent is even cuter in person and the fabrics are very durable. It’s neutral style with gray and white polkadots allow it to easily fit in any style home. We particularly love how the teepee can easily be folded up and be put away if you need more space. Your little guy will love playing inside, reading a book, or just relaxing inside this teepee.

4 | Deluxe Magic Set ($80)Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

If your little boy has expressed any interest in magic, this is the magic set to have! I’m kind of geeking out over it. He’ll be able to learn how to perform classic tricks and sleight of hands with a booklet (that comes with the set) that teaches the basics of becoming a renowned magician. The set includes bonus props, ropes, sponges and special card decks that are used in over 300+ different tricks. Too cool!

Gift Ideas: $100+

1 | Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair ($99+)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

These anywhere chairs are awesome and a family favorite! Add one of these comfy, kid-sized chairs to any room and create a special spot that’s just for him and the right place for reading, relaxing or snuggling. The fabric is also machine washable!

2 | Wooden Balance Scooter Bike ($114)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

Before your toddler gets on the saddle of a big kid bike, he will need to learn to maintain his balance on a durable wooden bike. Modeled after a retro motor scooter, your kiddo will be cruising the pathways in no time without the use of training wheels. It has an adjustable seat so tots big and small can remain comfortable as they ride with confidence.

3 | Play Kitchens ($113 & $140)

Your little guy is probably always trying to make a mess or be a big “helper” in the kitchen, so let him have fun and have at it in his own! I would have died for one of these and the little boys that I’ve seen playing in their play kitchens love to pretend and create their own “recipes” and masterpieces. It’s the cutest thing–those moments and the kid kitchens.

5 | Giant Jenga ($119)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

This is the ultimate game of Jenga! And just like most boy who love to build things and crash things down, they love the game of Jenga. The classic set is a great option, but if you want a wild game for your little man and his friends to play or the whole family to play, this giant Jenga set is an awesome gift!

6 | KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table ($106)

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

Young conductors will love playing with the ride around town train set and table. This item takes two popular KidKraft products – an exciting train set and a sturdy table – and combines them into one can’t-miss combination. Can you imagine your little boy walking up to this under the tree Christmas morning? You will get the biggest smile that your heart just might burst. 🙂

Holiday Gift Guide for Little Boys | Baby Chick

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes: changes to your lifestyle, your home, and even your career and relationships. But quite possibly the biggest are those body changes during pregnancy. Everyone knows the obvious change of a baby bump, but what many people don’t know is that each and every day, your inner organs and functions are constantly changing, growing or altering their functions to accommodate you and baby.

If you are pregnant, looking to become pregnant, or just curious about what goes on inside, here are the major body changes during pregnancy—and why they happen.

How and Why Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

Your Uterus Grows

As mentioned, we all know our bellies grow, but did you also know that inside, your uterus is expanding to make room for your baby? In fact, your uterus will grow so large during the second trimester, that it will no longer fit comfortably in its’ usual spot in the pelvis. Instead, it will travel above your belly button and continue to expand upward. By the time you’re getting close to the due date, your uterus will be as big as a watermelon. But don’t fret—after baby is born, it will “involute” back to it’s original size and find its way back into your pelvis—until the next baby, that is.

Why does this happen? This one is simple. Your uterus grows to hold your growing baby! As the uterus expands and pushes your other organs out of the way, it is making a larger home for baby to feel comfortable in until she is ready to enter the world.

Your Blood Pressure Changes

Your blood is doing all sorts of crazy things the moment you get pregnant. Your plasma increases in volume, causing your heart rate to speed up (do you feel out of breath all the time?).  Hormones produced relax your blood vessels, causing a slight decrease in blood pressure at the beginning of your pregnancy. A small reduction in your blood pressure is totally normal, but blood pressure that drops too low may be a cause for concern. Try to sleep on your side as much as possible to avoid a larger drop in blood pressure. In addition to the blood pressure, your body will also experience an increase in blood volume and blood vessels to prepare for birth and baby, which will bring your blood pressure back up.

Why does this happen? Both the development of new blood vessels and the relaxation of blood vessels by the hormone progesterone, cause a decreased in blood pressure for some at the beginning of pregnancy.  As pregnancy progresses, and stress on the body increases, in combination with increased blood volume and cardiac output, blood pressure can begin to rise in later in pregnancy.

You Grow a Cup Size (or Two or Three)

Your breasts getting bigger is one change that can happen almost instantly for some women (and not at all for others!). But, for many, larger breasts are often the first of the body changes during pregnancy that people notice. In addition to the growth, women will also experience tender breasts, larger nipples and darker areolas. And this change is one that continues until baby is born—as you approach your due date, your breasts will truly begin to prepare for breastfeeding and you may notice some leakage from the nipples and an even bigger increase in cup size.

Why does this happen? This one can also be blamed on hormones. Estrogen and progesterone increase dramatically during pregnancy, and those two hormones are directly related to our breast size and milk production.

Your Hormones Go Crazy

Speaking of hormones, you can pretty much blame them for a majority of your body changes during pregnancy. Your hormone, or endocrine, system is working double time and will cause your basal metabolic rate to increase (some women may already be aware of this change while they’re trying to concieve), which causes your appetite to increase, feelings of fatigue and even occasional hot flashes to appear. It will also increase glucose levels, decrease calcium levels and increase prolactin. Be sure you take the appropriate prenatal vitamins to help counteract any negative elements these changes bring.

Why does this happen? Your entire body is changing to make room for a growing human—and your hormones are regulating these body changes during pregnancy. All these changes are necessary, though—they help baby grow, play a big part in milk production and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Your Respiratory System Speeds Up

Feeling tired and out of breath? You can thank your changing respiratory system for that. Your rib cage will begin to spread during pregnancy and as your uterus grows, and your diaphragm will also be displaced. This, in addition to the increase in blood flow, will cause your need for oxygen to increase and you may feel yourself taking deeper, fuller breaths.

Why does this happen? It’s no longer just you who needs your oxygen! The fetus need lots of oxygen, too. In fact, so do the uterus and placenta. With all this oxygen to spread around, your respiratory system takes note and increases its rate to ensure everyone gets what they need.

Your Gastrointestinal System Gets Funky

In fact, all your gastrointestinal organs are making changes—many of which you’ll notice. Are you feeling constipated? This is because your digestion is slowing. As your uterus enlarges (yes, it’s the uterus’ fault yet again!), it pushes the stomach and intestines out of place, causing your digestion to slow. In addition, the hormone progesterone increases, which aids in relaxing our organs. This can cause heartburn and acid reflux.

Why does this happen? The uterus is making room for baby, which means the gastrointestinal organs need to move aside. As they move, your digestion will slow and as progesterone gets released, your organs will relax, causing flatulence, constipation, upset stomachs and heartburn.

Take care of you, mama! All of these body changes during pregnancy can leave you feeling elated, beautiful, tired, sad, cranky, and joyful all in one day! Remember that you’re growing a person and that your body is an amazing system.

The holidays are here! And if you recently welcomed a new little member to your family, you’re probably looking for a few things to make baby’s first Christmas extra special. This our Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide! And this list is sure to help create even more special memories with your baby during the holiday season.

1 | Christmas Pajamas ($15 – $35)

Getting new pajamas is a holiday tradition for many families. Find a pair that is extra special for your sweet babe like one of these first Christmas pajamas! These three are too cute.

2 |  Indestructibles Baby Books ($6)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

These books are pretty much the bomb. They’re chew-proof, rip-proof and drool-proof. Basically they’re baby proof. 😉 And these books can even be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine! Awesome!

3 | Babyprints Hanging Christmas Ornament ($10)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Our babies will only be this little for a little while. Remember these moments by making a Christmas tree ornament with baby’s handprint! You can then write in baby’s name and the date either on the front or back.

4 |  Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby ($15)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

These Wee Gallery cards are a set of high-contrast black and white cards that will engage and entertain babies from day one. The repeating pattern designs will captivate your baby’s attention while also stimulating their vision. Each card is finished with a matte lamination and child-friendly rounded corners and measures 5 inches by 7 inches; a great size for your baby’s hands.

5 |  Christmas Tree Wooden Teether ($6)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

These wooden teethers are made from natural (beech)wood and finished with organic food grade flax seed oil. We love that each piece is hand cut, sanded satin smooth, and that they can turn into wooden pendants for a nursing necklace, a teething toy–just attach it to your pacifier clip, a baby gym pendant or an element of nursery decor, Christmas tree decor, etc!

6 |  Milestone Baby Cards ($24)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

We’re all about preserving memories! These dated photo cards are the perfect thing to add when you’re taking a photo of your little one. What’s also great is that they used eco-friendly vegetable based inks, and the paper is durable and high quality to help preserve as a keepsake item.

7 |  Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Gym ($60)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

This wooden activity gym is full of great things for baby to experience on each side — a spinning animal alphabet, zigzag races, a wooden bead roller coaster and more! Our son has one and absolutely loves it.

8 | The Night Before Christmas Recordable Storybook ($34)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

This classic holiday story is a family favorite. I love how you can record yourself reading the story so your loved ones can hear your voice for years to come whether near or far.

9 |  Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon ($80)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

This radio flyer push-wagon is a classic. It’s safe, versatile and allows beginner walkers to safely build confidence and balance as they begin to stand up and take their first steps. The wooden stake sides holds whatever they’d like to bring along with them and the wooden stakes are also removable!

10 | Little People’s Nativity Set ($38)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

The sweetest little Nativity set we ever did see! This nativity set is perfect for those little hands. It allows our children to play out Mary and Joseph caring for Baby Jesus, the Three Kings bringing gifts as well as feeding and caring for the animals. We particularly love that the start lights up and the set plays the song “Away in the Manger.”

11 |  Itzy Ritzy Silicone Teethers ($9)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

These aren’t your average teethers. From flamingos to lattes to cacti and pineapples, these cute designs are great for those teething gums as well as family favorites with their adorable designs! Babies and parents love them!

12 | Wooden Conical Stacking Tower ($43)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

This Large Rainbow Tower from Grimm’s is a wonderfully versatile stacking/sorting toy which will both amuse and stimulate babies and children visually and mentally. The simple design and bold colors allow children to be immersed in reasoning and creative thinking while developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Adults can guide the child’s in discovery of concepts such as colors, size, ordering (an early mathematical skill), counting and more. The Tower’s ageless design and sturdy construction will last for generations.

13 | Baby’s 1st Christmas Stocking ($13 – $24)

These personalized Christmas stockings are the cutest! We couldn’t just pick on! It’s a fun way to memorialize baby’s first Christmas.

14 | SmartNoggin NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle ($21)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

The Noggin Stik® is not your average rattle. It is motion activated so it lights up in 3 different colors which helps your baby learn visual tracking–a critical pre-literacy skill and a necessary precursor to reading. It comes with a user-friendly easy to follow booklet that tells parents what their baby should be doing when, and encourages parent-infant interaction, fun play, bonding, and entertainment. Its eye catching design promotes tactile interest and enhances grasping and holding skills, all important foundational skills for future learning.

15 | First Year Baby Frame ($69)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

To be able to see your baby’s growth month by month in one frame is such a treasure. We have one of these in our son’s room and looking at each photo never gets old. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

16 | Toddler Toothbrush and Storybook Gift Set ($30)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

A great way to get your little one to keep their teeth clean. This Brushies set comes with four finger puppet  toothbrushes as well as a board book. This is a gift for the child and parent because children will enjoy brushing their teeth by themselves with these brushes and parents will feel good knowing their baby’s teeth are being cared for as they grow.

17 | Drop & Go Dump Truck ($14)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Drop one of the colorful “rocks” into the top of this cheerful dump truck toy and watch it tumble into the bucket to learn numbers. My son LOVES this toy! He’s developing his motor skills by putting the “rocks” into the top of the hole as well as lifting the hinged bucket to unload the rocks and start again. It’s a great early education toy for our little ones, and it’s a push or pull toy!

18 | Baby’s Santa Bag ($34 – $54)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Another thing to make Christmas morning special–and easier for everyone–is one of these personalized Santa bags. Get one for each of your kids so they can run straight to their Santa bag and begin the fun! A great holiday tradition that I love with these bags is having each of your children fill up their bag with “old” toys or clothes that they no longer need or play with before Christmas to donate, and then they will be filled on Christmas morning with new goodies! A great way for kids to learn that giving is more important than receiving.

19 | Play Gym by Lovevery ($140)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Lovevery’s award-winning play gym is amazing for all your baby’s learning stages, providing what your baby wants to see, touch, and do as their little self starts to emerge. It does come with a large price tag, but this play gym includes everything you need in an activity gym—from batting to teething to learning to focus. It’s made to grow with your child for a whole year of play.

20 | Pompom Canvas Bin ($40)


Storage is something every family needs. This machine-washable 100% cotton canvas bin is so cute with its pom poms and it’s perfect to hold your little one’s toys, books, clothes or craft supplies. Put it in your baby’s nursery or in any room in the home to help keep your family organized. I personally think it’s a great bin to hold other presents you give to baby. Add swaddle blankets, pajamas, baby books, etc! It’s the perfect gift basket without the basket. 😉

21 | Freshly Picked Oxford Crib Shoe ($60)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Baby’s first shoes are childhood treasures. Get something of quality that will stand the test of time. These Freshly Picked moccasins are top of the line. The easy-on elastic lacing crisscrosses the front of an adorable oxford-inspired crib shoe styled with a soft leather sole, providing plenty of wiggle room for little feet and a flat base to help promote stability and confident early steps. Our son has a pair and it’s become one of our favorites.

22 | Hand Cut Silhouette ($35)


Have you seen anything more precious? These personalized hand cut silhouette portraits are so dreamy. I love that you can then frame these and hang them to your wall as priceless pieces of art of your babies.

23 | Baby’s First Christmas Ornament ($30)

If none of the other “firsts” gifts interest you, a classic gift for baby is baby’s first ornament. I still have mine as a baby and I loved that our son received one as a gift for his first Christmas. It’s fun to be able to look at the ornaments on your tree and remember special memories tied to each. This one will do that for years to come.

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Did you know that you can ask to set up consultations with perspective pediatricians? This will give you the opportunity to see if you like the office and staff, too! We highly encourage you to ask the questions we list in this podcast to make sure that you have found the doctor who’s the best fit for your family. You can either get out a notebook or click here for a printable version of our 22 questions to ask when interviewing a pediatrician. Here we go!

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Swelling is the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. It happens often during pregnancy because the body produces about 50 percent more blood and body fluids to meet the needs of a developing baby.

Sluggish circulation (as baby grows so does the uterus, which impacts the return of blood to the heart) mixed with normal pregnancy water retention that comes from changing hormones is common during pregnancy and can cause swelling in the hands and feet of expecting moms.

When it comes to swelling during pregnancy, don’t worry. Slight swelling of your hands and feet is normal, and your body will get rid of the extra fluid after you have your baby . . . which is why you’ll pee frequently and sweat a lot for a few days after delivery.

But still, it’s not fun to be puffy.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to reduce pregnancy swelling as much as possible.

How to Reduce Swelling During Pregnancy

1. Water.

Be sure to keep up with your water intake during pregnancy! You may be tempted to skimp on liquids to combat swelling, but you need to drink plenty of water because staying hydrated actually helps prevent fluid retention. All pregnant mamas will experience swelling during pregnancy in some form or another due to a normal and necessary increase in body fluids . . . but the more water you drink the better if you want to ward off that puffy look. Lots of women think drinking lots of water = lots of water with water weight, when in fact the opposite is actually true. Drinking plenty of liquids can keep excessive water retention under control! (Another collective pregnant mom cheer.)

Other benefits of staying hydrated during pregnancy include:

  • Transporting nutrients to you & your baby. Water facilitates the absorption of essential nutrients into the cells and transports vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and hormones to the blood cells, and it’s those nutrient-rich blood cells that reach the placenta and ultimately your baby . . . all thanks to WATER!
  • Aiding in waste removal. As gross as it sounds, when we’re pregnant, we’re excreting for two . . . Water dissolves the waste products and it helps flush them from the kidneys. Adequate water intake also helps to move solid wastes more speedily down the digestive path, which is great to help with that usual pregnancy constipation.

2. Left Side.

It’s helpful for circulation to lay on your left side as much as possible. Sleeping on your left side improves circulation and decreases swelling by reducing pressure on your vena cava (the body’s largest vein), located on the right side of the body.

3. Move.

Exercise is essential to reduce swelling during pregnancy. It can be as simple as a leisurely 30 minute walk, and will do wonders for circulation and blood flow. In addition to daily movement, resistance training that moderately elevates the heart rate and has you working up sweat will help to improve circulation and decrease swelling as well as provide both strength and cardio benefits to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to staying active during pregnancy, here are some ideas:

  • Strength train. Strengthening exercises to help build the muscles that support your back and legs, including your abdominal muscles keep low back pain minimal. I encourage pregnant moms to aim for 3 weight training sessions per week and focus on using weights with good form.
  • Stretch. Stretching exercises to help the muscles that support the back and legs become more flexible. Be careful to stretch gently, because stretching too quickly or too much can put further strain on your joints, which have been made looser by pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is one good way to stay limber, and it can help improve your balance, too.
  • Walk.  If you’re not feeling up to a full workout, at the very least you should get out and walk. I love leisurely walks and try to move 30-60 minutes almost daily. It’s low impact and easy to make part of your daily routine.

While some normal, physiological swelling is to be expected during pregnancy, contact your doctor or midwife if you have any sudden onset of swelling, especially in your face, or if your swelling is accompanied by headaches, visual disturbances, or abdominal pain.

As a first time mother to a baby born during the winter time, you may be worried about how to properly dress baby in the winter. If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend hours researching things to place on your registry. You’ll soon realize, however, that much of what’s hanging in your newborn’s closet is not needed. When shopping for an infant, go for practical over cute–especially when dressing baby in the winter!

Tips for Dressing Baby in the Winter

1. Zippers are your friend

Don’t bother with anything that doesn’t zip up: it’s 3am in the middle of winter and your week old baby has pooped all over his snap-crotch onesie, his button-up bodysuit and his swaddle . . . oh wait, is that poop in his hair too?! Forget the cute bodysuit, matching attire and muslin swaddle. Zip-up bodysuits with the feet and attached hand covers saved my life. We went from 30-minutes of removing clothes, washing baby’s soiled self, and putting new clothes on, through tears, struggle and mom’s bloodshot eyes, to 5 quick minutes of a change. Not only will you be too exhausted for the cute outfits with the buttons down the legs, on the back, heck on the shoulders too, but you will feel so much better when you can slip something on your child really quickly without all the fuss. Save the complicated outfits for months down the road.

2. Look for winter sets

Cloud Island Sleep ’N Play sets are a must-have! They come with attached hand covers so your baby won’t scratch him/herself and they are super safe. So much better than those loose mittens that will also end up getting lost. And . . . wait for it . . . they zip down! A zipper instead of buttons! Down instead of up, for those quick and easy middle of the night diaper changes.

3. Buy microfleece!

Microfleece sleep sets and/or sleep sacks are perfect for dressing baby in the winter. Even my own winter sheets are microfleece, so why not baby’s sleepwear? But be careful to not put too many layers on your infant especially when they’re wearing microfleece, as they can overheat quickly.

4. Keep swaddling simple

SwaddleMe swaddles. One, two, three, velcro. ‘nuff said. It’s super quick and gives you a piece of mind not worrying about loose blankets.

Tips for Dressing Baby in the Winter | Baby Chick

5. Keep in mind growth patterns & the seasons

Your child will grow faster than you can believe. So don’t buy a 10-pack of newborn onesies. You’ll definitely need a few, but not a closet full of newborn clothes. And since you’ll most likely be layering your babies clothes, short sleeve onesies are nicer to have as a type of undergarment.

6. Hats!

They wear them the few nights you’re at the hospital right? So you assume they should keep wearing them. Then a week later, your baby’s head is too big and you’re searching everywhere for a lightweight hat and can’t find one . . . Babies don’t need hats while sleeping. In fact, babies shouldn’t wear hats overnight as that’s one way all that extra body heat can leave the body instead of overheating. Relax, and buy a nice little hat with the velcro under the chin for the outdoors instead.

7. Keep baby warm in his car seat

Get yourself a Bundleme car seat cover. The canopy and stretch covers are beautiful, but are pretty unnecessary for dressing a winter baby. And by the time the weather gets warm enough for a canopy cover, you’re no longer carrying your baby out with the car seat because 15 pounds of baby plus 10 pounds of car seat is ridiculously heavy! Instead, opt for the JJ Cole Bundleme cover that’s perfectly warm and insulated for those cold first few months of baby’s life.

8. Invest in a mattress cover

Did you know that mattress covers actually heat the bed? While most newborns sleep in a bassinet of sort, if your infant is sleeping in his crib, investing in a mattress cover not only protects the mattress from wet messes, but will also keep your baby warm. Yes, this is certainly a nuisance come summertime when you can’t figure out why your baby is sweating when she only slept in a onesie, but it’s perfect for those cold winter nights! However, avoid a mattress cover if you’re co-sleeping, since in that case the fewer things that heat baby, the better.

9. Don’t forget to do skin-to-skin

While layers are your baby’s friends in the winter, being naked is perfect too; enjoy those skin-to-skin moments with just a blanket over you and your baby.