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Exploring Aspen With Kids

Here are travel tips for traveling to and exploring Aspen with kids that will have everyone enjoying their time in this winter wonderland!

Published January 8, 2016

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Aspen during the winter is seriously stunning. My family skied annually growing up, and I can honestly say it’s in my top three favorite ski destinations of all time. I think one of the things that made Aspen so special for us is that we brought our children, ages 3 ½ and 1 ½, along for our vacation. Exploring Aspen with kids really made our experience magical!


Tips for Traveling To Aspen With Children

We all know that traveling with littles can be, well … a TRIP! So I’m going to let you in on some tips for Aspen that will have everyone in your family enjoying their time in this winter wonderland.

1. Book Everything In Advance

Full disclosure, I didn’t book our rentals, ski school, and lift tickets early, and we lost half a day of skiing because of it. So learn from my mistakes and log on to book ahead. It’s cheaper, and it’s one less thing to do, saving you money and your sanity. For Snowmass, you can find all of the information you need to get started here.

emerson skiing

2. Trade the Hotel for a Condo or House

When traveling with toddlers, we have found staying in a two-bedroom condo or flat where the kids have their own space to sleep and play and I have access to laundry and a kitchen makes life so much easier. Sure, you’re skipping room service, but being able to keep your toddlers on their usual schedule and diets even away from home makes traveling with them a breeze. The biggest complaint I hear from parents vacationing with kids is that their children seem to get all out of sorts adjusting to hotel life; this eliminates that.


3. Secure a Sitter

When you’ve got tiny ones who aren’t old enough to hit the slopes, having child care is a great way to allow mom and dad some time to take on the trails without worry. There are several great options for nanny services in Aspen. You can bring a care provider along with you for your vacation as we did, book on-location care at Snowmass, or have a sitter come to your hotel or rental. Whatever option you choose, be sure you prepare well in advance as these services book up in a hurry.

Photo credit: Aspen Snowmass

4. Stick With Family-Friendly Eateries

There is plenty of swanky dining in Aspen, but save those special places for when you have the sitter service and keep your meals with your children yummy and fun. We had a great experience with the incredibly kind and accommodating staff at The White House Tavern (they even have Phil & Ted’s lobster seats just for littles). Another favorite was Hops Culture, which specializes in beer flights for the parents and table s’mores for the kids.


5. Take a Moment To Play

Instead of over-scheduling your winter vacay and stressing out, take a time out to simply play and see the wonder of snow and the beauty of Aspen through your children’s eyes. Our favorite memories from our vacation include watching our boys wrestle gleefully in the snow before getting on the gondolas.

sawyer play
emerson play

And putting on their sweet Freshly Picked moccasins and letting them walk through Aspen Village, exploring and laughing along the way. Sometimes the simplest moments are truly the sweetest, and now every time I put those tiny little moccasins on my boys, I’m immediately taken back to our Aspen vacation and what an incredible time we had.

ring brothers

So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket; it’s time to get exploring Aspen with your kids.

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