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aden + anais comfort knit and spring summer 2020 collections will be your favorite new gifts for mom & baby

Give the gifts of comfort & quality to mom & baby. The aden + anais™️ comfort knit™️ & spring summer 2020 collections are adorable essentials.

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Published June 15, 2020

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of the best days of a parent’s life. During pregnancy, we do everything we can to prepare for our little one and our new role as a mother. We research what to register for, we prepare baby’s nursery, we try to take care of our bodies, and the list goes on. And, when that precious babe gets placed into our arms for the very first time . . . our hearts grow and everything we’ve gone through becomes worth it. It’s a sacred time when women bloom into new mothers. A time that should be honored and treasured by all.

Not only are expecting mothers blooming in motherhood and entering into a new season of life, but the year is also blooming into a new season! With summer upon us, we found the sweetest products from the aden + anais™️ comfort knit™️ and spring summer 2020 collections that will keep our babies safe, comfortable, and stylish for the season.

Here are a few of our favorite new products from aden + anais™️ for babies and moms:

aden + anais™️ is the original brand of design-conscious muslin must-haves, offering stylish, versatile, and high-quality comfort for mom and baby. Recently, they launched a brand new line called their comfort knit™️ collection. These products are perfect for this new season in life.

comfort knit collection from aden + anais

Even though we may be limited on where we can go and who we can see, we can still keep our babies safe and comfortable at home. The collection, which comes in five fresh and fun patterns, includes an adorable knotted gown and hat set, swaddle blanket, and multi-use cover, which is great for a nursing or stroller cover. The gowns have easy-access tie-bottoms for quick diaper changes, flexible necklines to make dressing baby easier, and fold-over cuffs to help prevent babies from scratching themselves. The knotted hat is also made to grow with baby.

All of the items in the aden + anais™️ comfort knit™️ collection were specifically designed with newborns in mind. They are incredibly soft and offer just the right amount of stretch for maximum comfort. They are the perfect gifts to give an expecting mom at her virtual baby shower or when she welcomes home her new baby. Our favorite designs are:

1. perennial comfort knit™️ gown & hat

perennial comfort knit gown+hat
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Delicate, feminine and oh-so precious. This perennial print is perfect for newborn photo sessions. Gift it with the matching swaddle and multi-use cover, and both mom and baby are set!

2. blue moon comfort knit™️ gown & hat

Blue Moon Comfort Knit Gown & Hat
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Sleepy days are ahead, and this blue moon set has us swooning. As you cuddle your newborn in between feedings and diaper changes, you’ll recognize the difference and the quality in these comfort knit™️ pieces. Here are the matching swaddle and multi-use cover for a full mommy and baby aden + anais™️ comfort knit™️ collection set!

3. zebra plant comfort knit™️ gown & hat

Zebra Plant Comfort Knit Gown & Hat
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For the families who are waiting to learn baby’s gender, this zebra plant print from their comfort knit™️ collection is adorable perfection. We love the modern lines and minimalist look. Not to mention the cotton-rich fabric, making them super soft. Don’t forget its matching swaddle and multi-use cover!

4. aden + anais™️ comfort knit™️ multi-use cover

Speaking of their multi-use cover, it’s perfect for a parent’s every need. The adaptive and stretchy design can be used in six different ways! It can be used for a car seat cover, nursing cover, cart cover, swing cover, high chair cover, or infinity scarf.

jade giraffes comfort knit multi-use cover
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5. aden + anais™️ comfort knit™️ swaddle blankets

The aden + anais™️ comfort knit™️ swaddles are one of my new favorites because they deliver optimal comfort to newborns with their superior stretch. Parents and doulas, like myself, are able to wrap baby into a soft and soothing hug with these swaddle blankets. They really deliver on warmth, happiness and security.

perennial comfort knit swaddle blanket
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spring summer 2020 collection

One of our favorite things about aden + anais™️ is how they have made their products not only breathable, soft and safe for baby, but they also create charming designs! Their spring summer 2020 collection is no exception.

1. picked for you

This picked for you collection is blooming with beauty. We love how aden + anais™️ created florals dancing alongside watercolor poppies and micro dot designs. The sunny warm hues of yellows, pinks, and corals are injected with sharply contrasting white outlines and pops of red for added dimension. It’s playful and pretty for your darling little one.

Picked for You Classic Muslin Swaddles from aden + anais
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We always love their classic muslin swaddles. Soft and breathable, they are perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. Their versatile swaddles can also be used as a stroller cover, burp cloth, nursing cover, and so much more. It covers every parent’s wants for their child: stylish and cute with function, comfort, and security.

And the aden + anais™️ muslin sleeping bag is another great gift to give to a new parent. Safe sleep is incredibly important, so this wearable blanket replaces loose blankets in the crib, helping both mommy and baby sleep soundly.

classic muslin sleeping bag picked for you from aden + anais
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2. gone fishing

This tranquil collection is making waves! We love how it captures the hypnotic movement of the sea with abstract patterns that suggest migrating fish, undulating currents and fish scales. The colors of baby blue, cobalt, navy and splashes of teal are precious for your little first mate! They create a peaceful serenity for an underwater retreat.

gone fishing classic muslin swaddle 4-pack from aden + anais
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My favorite bibs are the burpy bibs because I love how they transition from a burp cloth to a wearable bib. They are also super absorbent, while remaining soft.

gone fishing classic muslin burpy bib 2-pack from aden + anais
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3. salty kisses

And if you are looking for a sea theme for your baby, the salty kisses collection is for you! Mermaids and sea creatures reign supreme in this underwater wonderland. The whimsical collection surrounds little ones with scalloped seashells, stylized coral and swaying seaweed in mesmerizing hues of aqua, sage, papaya and coral.

salty kisses classic muslin swaddle 4-pack from aden + anais
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The aden + anais™️ classic dream blanket has four layers of 100% cotton muslin for their softest baby blanket yet. It is perfect for snuggling your new baby, story time, tummy time and more!

salty kisses classic muslin dream blanket from aden + anais
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5. marine gardens

For more underwater inspiration, this silky soft collection artfully interprets the majesty of a marine garden. Undulating seaweed is complemented by a kaleidoscope of seashells and a block print of beads. Dusty pinks and lavender are grounded by rich tones of papaya, kelp gold and teal. This silky soft fabric combines breathability and versatility with viscose made from bamboo, making it the most luxurious fabric to use on your little one.

marine gardens silky soft swaddle 3-pack from aden + anais
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This might be my favorite one yet because of its tropical feel! It’s perfect for baby girls and boys. This collection makes you feel like you are enjoying summertime even in the comfort of your home.

marine gardens silky soft muslin burpy bib from aden + anais
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It’s obvious that aden + anais™️ is committed to creating products that combine style and versatility, without sacrificing quality and comfort. We think you’ll love these collections, too!

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