ottles are as symbolic of babyhood as anything else--but has anyone told YOUR baby this? Perhaps you’re a mama returning to work soon and needing to transition baby from exclusive nursing to bottle-feeding, or perhaps you’re just ready to let someone else do the feeding
here are so many benefits to having a father around; according to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, it is scientifically proven that children with involved fathers grow up to have less promiscuous sex, have higher paying jobs, and healthier relationships.
y first postpartum visit with my doctor went a lot like I expected it to: I answered the barrage of questions in a half-awake daze while nursing my infant daughter—no, I wasn’t feeling abnormally sad, yes, I was done bleeding post C-section. I looked up
regnancy is such an interesting time--it’s full of more changes than you ever imagined possible, and while most of those changes are wonderful, some can be rather curious or even agitating. What is Linea Nigra, or “black line” in Latin? A common pregnancy side effect
s a mom who used to pump frequently--and at one point exclusively--I know how valuable every drop of breast milk is. We work hard for that liquid gold! So when it comes time to introduce a bottle to our babies, many moms begin to panic
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