8 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Toddler Will Love


8 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Toddler Will Love

Some people dread gift-giving. In fact, they would rather sit through a root canal than go Christmas shopping. I am not one of those people. In fact, receiving gifts is one of my love languages. Giving gifts? Well I enjoy that, too. So for those of you who don’t, I put together a small list of gift ideas for the cutie-pie toddler (girl) in your life. My credentials? I’ve got two toddler girls of my own (plus two nieces), so I’m practically an expert in all things little girl. Here are a few favorites mine have either recently received, or are getting for Christmas this year. Shhh, don’t tell!

Sequined Circlet Crown

Available from anthropologie.com ($16).

“I am a princess. All girls are,” Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess. What little girl wouldn’t love finding this beautiful, sequined crown in her stocking on Christmas morning? Anthropologie always carries the best hair accessories. I can’t wait to surprise my own little princesses!



Fanciful Play Tent

Available from anthropologie.com ($268).

Every little girl deserves a special place to call her own. A place for tea parties with friends of both the human and baby doll variety, for curling up and getting lost in a good book — somewhere to escape (on occasion) from mom and dad and baby sister. This metallic-printed cotton tent from designer Alice Mary Lynch makes my whimsical heart go pitter-patter.


Ocean: A Photicular Book

Available from amazon.com ($16).

A book lover from way back, I love to gift my girls beautiful books for holidays and special occasions. I even write them a quick, heartfelt note inside the jacket (when I can remember). A New York Times best seller, this book — “like being on a dive”— looks nothing short of incredible.


Corolle Mademoiselle Vanilla Blonde Doll

Available from amazon.com ($59).

My oldest received this exact doll for her third birthday this year. Let me tell you, she is obsessed with it. She especially loves “brushing” (I use the term loosely) its soft, shiny hair. And obviously carts it everywhere. Little ones love mimicking their mamas at this age, and caring for their own “babies”. This vanilla-scented cutie does the trick!



Hape Early Melodies Ukulele

Available from amazon.com ($27).

How fun is this ukulele? It’s the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of music. Sturdy, yet fully playable and tunable, it’s also made from non-toxic and child safe materials. Which is always good. Plus, it’s sure to provide hours of noisy entertainment! And what parent doesn’t love that?

hape toy

Janod Mademoiselle Doll House

Available from amazon.com ($165).

Not only is this French doll house beautiful, it also includes 17 accessories. Now I realize this may not sound like a big deal, but it actually is. I would know. I’ve done some doll house research, if you will. Most doll houses do not come with accessories. They want to charge you extra for those. This doll house is the best value for the money. And my three year old loves it. So I’m guessing yours will, too!

doll house

Green Toys Tool Set

Available from amazon.com ($25).

Any project is possible with the eco-friendly Green Toys Pink Tool Set! Constructed from 100% recycled plastic milk containers (seriously cool), this stylish tool set makes any fix-it job a real breeze. My toddlers love “helping daddy” with projects around the house — but call me crazy — I’m a little hesitant to allow them to swing an actual hammer. I think this tool set is the perfect solution. Because every little princess needs a BPA-free Phillips screwdriver. Am I right?


Crayon Rocks

Available from zukababy.com ($5).

Have you guys heard of these? My daughter’s preschool was recently telling me how awesome crayon rocks are for early developmental writing skills. Crayons are usually a child’s first writing tool — and these crayons encourage her to use her thumb, first, and second fingers in a tripod grip. They are also non-toxic (score!), and made from soy oil, a renewable resource. For the price they are a no-brainer, and a perfect stocking stuffer!

crayon rocks

What’s on your toddler’s Christmas Wish List this year? Happy shopping, Mommy Chicks!

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