6 Ways to Style a Baby Chick Shirt


By Quinn Kelly

Marriage & Family Therapist

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Quinn Kelly is a busy wife and mother of four boys as well as a marriage and family therapist. She hopes to encourage other moms with laughter and honesty and help remind them that the best part about motherhood has nothing to do with being the “perfect” mom or raising the “perfect” kids, but instead enjoying yourself and your children along the way.
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What makes a mom beautiful?

Is it the way she dresses?
It is the way she acts?
Is it the way she feels?
Is it that she’s naturally beautiful?
Or is it that her spirit and strength make her beautiful?

The answer to this may differ from woman to woman, but to me, being a beautiful mom is more than looking beautiful. To me, being beautiful is feeling good about myself as a woman AND loving myself in my role as mother, no matter if I am in my running gear without any makeup on or all dolled up for a date with my hubby.


The Baby Chick brand is all about letting moms know that they can be a mom yet STILL be beautiful and chic. It’s about loving motherhood and your baby while still not forgetting about yourself as a woman and the fact that it’s okay to take time for yourself too!

As a Mommy Chick, I want to encourage moms to focus on beauty that transcends beyond just the outward definition of beauty. I feel pretty when I’m dressed up (and I do LOVE dressing up) 🙂 but sometimes there is nothing that makes me feel more feminine than coming home from a night away, putting on my comfy clothes, and being surrounded by my sons. Because they represent my heart, my strength, and make me feel proud. And that is the most beautiful feeling of all!

That’s why I love Baby Chick’s new line of tees designed to be versatile for the chic mom. Below are pictures of me wearing the heather white and vintage black versions of our ‘Mommy Chic(k)’ tee and showing different ways to have fun with it as a mom in all parts of life.


1. Coffee With Friends

I love this simple and casual look because it’s comfortable, easy and fun. In it, I used a vintage black Mommy Chic(k) shirt and threw it over a fun and long maxi pink and black & white striped maxi dress from Jack and Monroe. Of course you could pair it with your favorite long maxi skirt if you have one, but keep in mind that you can utilize a dress and transform it into a long skirt. None of my friends even knew it was a dress when I wore it out this week.



2. Working Out/Hanging at Home

Do you ever have days that you get dressed for the gym then you end up staying home? Or maybe you have no intention of going to the gym, you just want to be comfy? Me too! So this look is perfect for a good workout or just getting your cardio from your kids (see ‘My Kids Are My Cardio’ shirt HERE). In this look, I paired the heather white Mommy Chic(k) shirt with some fun, patterned running capris. It makes even a casual day at home or the gym have some color and zest.


3. Date Night

I love this look because it represents my style to a tee! I love to have fun with statement jewelry and add a hint of edge to an outfit! In this look, I paired the heather white Mommy Chic(k) shirt with a black leather jacket and denim capris by Jessica Simpson. I added a pair of black wedges and topped it off with a vintage, gold statement necklace. This look is fun and fresh with a hint of sass.



4. Headed to the Zoo

In this look, I paired my heather white Mommy Chic(k) shirt with a pair of light denim shorts from Express, a pair of casual sandals, and a fedora hat. Sometimes we forget how easily a simple hat like this can take an outfit and make it practical (keeps the sun out of your eyes) and fun! This look works for pretty much anywhere you are headed with kids. If you’re a Texan, you might also enjoy changing out the sandals for boots. Yeehaw! 


5. Dinner with Friends

To me, dressing up is more fun when you get spicy and this look is just that. I love to use variety and bold colors to add pop when I’m headed out with friends. In this look, I paired a white blazer over the vintage black Mommy Chic(k) shirt. Then paired it with a pair of black denim leggings by Calvin Klein. I added red heels for the pop of color and BAM, the Mommy Chic(k) shirt is no longer casual. It’s hot!


6. Grilling Out With Friends

Lastly, this final look is great when you need practicality but want something different than normal jeans. These teal jeans are a great way to add a little something extra to your vintage black Mommy Chic(k) shirt but still allow you to chase kids outside. The fedora, as mentioned above, is a great way to add a little more style to the outfit while still being comfortable. If you’re chasing kids and eating burgers, might as well do it in style!



I hope these ideas have inspired you to have fun styling your new Baby Chick shirt. Now the only thing left to do is go buy yours today!

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Cheers to Style!


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