5 Ways to Rock a Headband as a Mom

5 Ways To Rock a Headband as a Mom | Baby Chick

5 Ways to Rock a Headband as a Mom

As a little girl, my mom did my hair every day. And when I say “did” my hair, I don’t mean in pony tails or pig tails. Oh, no, no. I mean she bought books on crazy braids and other hair configurations. And some days I showed up to my school with hair so styled, I was almost ready for senior prom. Or at least the preschool prom. 😉

And bows? Oh, I rocked them. I had a bow for every outfit thanks to my crafty mom. And I’m sure if I were a little girl now, I would be the girl wearing bows bigger than my head, which might have been challenging because my head is large. But I’m sure I would have accepted the challenge with a curtsy and bow. (Pun totally intended. 🙂 )

But somehow as an adult and after becoming a mom, my hair has fallen on the backburner. And I’m not going to say I don’t wash it every day. I’m just going to tell you that 2 out of 3 days a week, water, shampoo or conditioner do not touch my hair. Instead lots of little dirty boy hands do.

So along the years, I have become a bigger and bigger fan of headbands. Something I used to consider “old school” and now I consider them” the way to take my kids to school” in style. Because accessories are my favorite way to add personality and life to outfits that are otherwise simple. With a little effort, a simple accessory can add a lot of pop to your look.

So today I want to show you five of my favorite ways to use headbands for that extra bit of spice. My friends often tell me that they love my clothes and accessories but could never pull off what I wear. And today, I’m here to tell you otherwise. Today, I’m here to channel my best Rosie the Riveter (the star of the World War II government campaign to recruit females to the workforce) and say: “We (moms) can do it.” We moms can rock a headband no matter where we’re headed. And more importantly. We can have fun doing it!

5 Ways to Rock a Headband

1. Turquoise Headband Woven…

This look, from Francesca’s, is one of my favorites when you are wearing something plain and want to give it a little pizazz. You can have second day hair hidden by the large band. And give your outfit a fun and funky flair with nothing more than a plain colored tee.


2. Leather braided band…

This is the perfect casual accessory when you are headed to the carpool line and you need to do your hair in less than two minutes, but you want something a little more than a top knot. Top Knot + Braided Band (from Target) = Hair Done!


3. Elegant Lace…

This headband from Jack and Monroe has been my all-time fav the last few months. I wear it with everything and have dressed it down. And dressed it up. It is versatile, stylish and fresh.


4. Turquoise Beaded…

This band is from Target and is fun when you are wanting to look a little more dressed up than a T-shirt and jeans, but you don’t want to take the time to style your hair completely. Since it has beading, I always like to pair it with simpler earrings and a classy and plain shirt.

And last but not least. Since I mentioned Rosie the Riveter, why not try her look for yourself?!


5. Handkerchief…

This look is bold but FUN. And I love it! You can use any old handkerchief you have lying around and fold it up and tie it. Then pair it with your favorite denim shirt or plain tee! And walah! You are a rockstar mom. All while driving a minivan. 🙂


Now I know you may try and tell me you can’t pull that look off. And girl, I got one thing to say to you.

YOU CAN DO IT! Happy Headband Wearing!

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