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5 Things to Splurge on During Your Pregnancy

Published March 16, 2017

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert
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Having a baby can be expensive, but of course totally worth it. Hopefully, you will be getting some big-ticket items from friends and family off of your baby registry. However, things can still add up. If you’re wondering what are the things that you should really splurge on, we have the top 5 items right here for you.

5. Owlet

Peace of mind is worth every penny. Especially for parents. I know so many new mothers that are placing their hands or putting mirrors over their baby as they sleep to make sure that they are still breathing throughout the night. Worrying is normal when you become a parent. But getting some rest is also essential to your recovery and to feeling like yourself again. Owlet gives you that peace of mind since it monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels and alerts you should either become abnormal. You will be able to sleep a lot more soundly with this little baby.


4. Mattress

Did I mention that sleep is EVERYTHING. If it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten a new mattress, now is the time to get one. Your body has already gone through so much change to grow your baby, and it will continue to change as you recover after childbirth. Having a good mattress to help you with better sleep and better positioning and posture will really help make you feel more refreshed in the morning.

3. Stroller

Yes, strollers are expensive, but look at it as an investment. You are going to be toting around your little guy for years. The stroller that you buy is going to carry your child for several years and potentially even your next child for several more years! You want a stroller that is going to last and grow with you and your family. Bite the bullet and get the stroller that you want and that you know will last. It’s an investment piece that you will use over and over and over again.

2. Cord Blood Banking

We all want our babies (not to mention our whole family) to be healthy. That’s what all parents want–happy and healthy kids. Unfortunately not every family is blessed with good health. Luckily we live in a day in age where technology can help us with these misfortunes. Banking your baby’s cord blood, cord tissue, and even placenta tissue offers the potential to treat certain diseases that the child, their siblings, grandparents or even yourself might develop int the future. Hopefully you will never experience this, but I would think of this as an insurance policy. If anything were to happen and you had the opportunity to do something about it, you would thank your lucky stars that you banked your baby’s cord blood. The only thing is you can only make that choice NOW during your pregnancy. After your baby is born, you cannot go back and save your baby’s cord blood. And with all of the new studies that are going on and all of the different things that they are discovering that stem cells are able to treat and cure, why not make that investment and call Americord? I know I would.

5 Things to Splurge on During Your Pregnancy

1. Help & Support

It’s very common for first time parents to be fixated on making it through their pregnancy and preparing for their labor and baby’s birth. Very little do soon-to-be mothers think of what life will be like after baby is born. That’s when things can really become difficult because your body is recovering from giving birth yet you now also have to be up every few hours to feed, change, and soothe your little one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful, but it can also be exhausting and leave you with very little time to get other things done around the house let alone a shower for you. So the number one thing that I recommend all mothers splurge on and add to their baby registry is help and support.

  • Get a housekeeper to help with cleaning around the house. Even if it’s just once. It’s one less time you have to do it.
  • Ask for babysitting money or someone to donate their time and babysit. This can  help you get out of the house to get your hair done and feel human or they can babysit your older children as you tend to your newborn.
  • Request a doula. Having a birth doula to help you during your pregnancy, labor and birth is wonderful. It’s as if you have your own personal assistant helping you every step of the way keeping you comfortable. And a postpartum doula does the same thing but after you come home with baby. Having her help with the dishes, laundry, light housework, sterilizing bottles, helping with baby’s bath, showing you how to use your breast pump and more, that help means everything to a new mom!
  • Ask for money to get a therapist. It’s common for women to experience baby blues and postpartum depression after their baby is born. This does not make you a bad mother. However, treatment is the key! Find someone that you can talk to that can help you mentally and emotionally adjust to this new change.

Those are the five top things we suggest splurging on while waiting for baby. 🙂

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