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5 Baby Products Celebrity Moms Love

productsUpdated January 6, 2022


Celebrity moms want only the best for their little bundles of joy – just the same as you and I. It’s fun to spot celebs with baby products to see what they love. No paid promotion . . . just a famous mom choosing the best baby gifts for their little miracles! Check out these five celebrity moms (and dads!) and the baby products they love!

Baby Products that Celebrity Moms Love

The Royal Family: Aden & Anais

Prince George put Aden & Anais on the global map just hours after he was born when his first public photo of him wrapped up in an Aden & Anais’ classic swaddle blanket was taken.

5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love
Prince George wrapped in an Aden + Anais swaddle. And for reference, never swaddle a baby and put them in a car seat.

With millions in the world following the royal baby, the classic swaddle blanket sold out with over 10,000 orders placed almost immediately after the baby’s appearance . . . it even caused Aden + Anais’ servers to crash! (E! News and ABC News).

The Classic Swaddle Set by Aden and Anais is truly a staple for all new moms – an excellent choice for all these reasons:

  • Super soft: Pre-washed and made from 100% muslin.
  • Large size: 47” by 47”
  • Multi-use: use as a swaddle, stroller cover, burp cloth, nursing cover, car seat cover, blanket, and more.
  • Breathable: helps regulates baby’s body temperature to help avoid overheating.
  • Machine washable: gets softer and softer with each wash.
  • Adorable designs: choose from dozens of beautiful, modern, and whimsical designs. Two-packs and four-packs available.
5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick

Tori Spelling: Piggy Paint

What’s more adorable than celebrity baby photos? Photos of their adorable piggies . . . aka fingernails and toenails!!

A long list of celebrities LOVE LOVE LOVE Piggy Paint! This eco-friendly and non-toxic nail polish for kids is 100% safe, even for babies! Tori Spelling, Kourtney Kardashian, Larry Birkhead (father to Dannielynn, daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith), and Lisa Rinna have kids that use and love Piggy Paint.

Even Kim Kardashian shared on Snapchat that she turned for a moment and her daughter North West decided to paint the wall with her Piggy Paint! Good thing it’s water-soluble and washed right off!

5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick
5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick

The story behind how Piggy Paint was invented is a good one: Mom Melanie Hurley was painting her daughters’ nails one day over a Styrofoam plate to catch any drips. She noticed the nail polish melted a hole right through the plate!

She thought to herself, “Gosh, if it eats through a plate within minutes, then what is it doing to my daughter?!” (You know how kids always put fingers in their mouths!)

This “ah-ha” moment inspired her to seek an eco-friendly alternative, and when she could not find one, Piggy Paint was born!

  • Non-toxic
  • Virtually Odorless
  • Water-based formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fun, vibrant colors
  • Dries to a hard, durable finish
  • Cruelty-free
  • Does not peel
  • Kid-friendly
  • Safe for use during Pregnancy!
  • Made in the USA

They have single bottles or adorable gift sets to choose from.

5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick
5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick

Amber Stevens West: Mochi

Next time you take a bite of sushi, think of Mochi rice toys!!  TV actress Amber Stevens West uses these natural developmental baby toys and teethers – she loves the teething necklace!

5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick

Each piece in the collection of these unique baby development toys utilizes natural, sushi-grade rice in its manufacturing process and comes in two colorways: Pastel and Undyed Natural.

Babies love Mochi teethers because they are a unique in-between hardness – not too hard or too soft like other teethers on the market.

Research by People Toy Company, manufacturer of Mochi toys, has shown that babies need the in-between for relief from their achy, sore gums. The majority of teethers available on the market are made with jelly that needs to be frozen or are rock solid, so these new natural teething toys are reported by moms to be more effective.

  • 51% Rice
  • Made in Japan
  • High-quality design
  • Unique in-between hardness (not too soft, not too hard), which has shown to relieve teething pain better
  • Natural & Safe
  • Helps baby develop

Teething toys, rings, and jewelry available.

5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick
5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick

Nicole Richie: Sophie la Giraffe

This little giraffe teether has made quite a name for herself here in the U.S. and has become a baby gift sensation.

Countless celebrities have been spotted with Sophie the Giraffe, like Nicole Richie and her daughter Marlow Madden and Kate Hudson and her son Ryder Robinson.

5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick
Nicole Richie’s daughter Marlow Madden with Sophie.
5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick

So why is this 7-inch rubber giraffe from France so popular?

Slate.com and owner Helene Dumoulin-Montgomery say it best, “it is a ‘friend-like soothing companion that’s easy to hold on to’—a teether, a toy, and a lovey all in one.”

It was interesting to read that in the beginning, big box stores rejected Sophie deeming it too expensive so the owner started creating celebrity gift baskets adding Sophie la Giraffe, and soon after, Kate Hudson endorsed the product, with other celebrities to follow.

With celebrities and mommy bloggers’ help, more than 50 million Sophies have been sold, and several awards won.

Sophie stimulates baby’s five senses and is organic:

  • Dark spots provide visual stimulation for baby
  • Soft parts to soothe baby’s sore gums
  • She squeaks when pressed to stimulate baby’s hearing
  • A unique and easily identifiable smell

100% natural rubber, a comforting texture for baby, and an easy-to-grip shape.

5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick

Eva Chen: People Toy Co

Brain Builders are amazingly unique developmental toys for babies and toddlers. Eva Chen, director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, children’s book author, and previously editor-in-chief of Lucky and beauty and health director at Teen Vogue, loves both the Magic Reflection Ball and Educational Eddie Rattle from People Toy Company.

5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick

In partnership with Valtech, People created the famous Magna Tiles®!  Not only are their toys of such high quality, but the features of each toy are well-thought-out and tested by real moms and kids.

Their mission is to assist children in achieving critical developmental milestones through play with our innovative product lines. I love their tagline – Play with a Purpose!

Kids collect so many toys, and they tend to pile up, never to be played with again after the first couple of times. People Toys, however, become children’s favorite go-to toys because the toys are so unique and interesting.

People Toys keep kids stimulated for hours!  It’s no wonder why celebrities love People Toy Company!

The Magic Reflection Ball:

  • Keeps child amused and stimulated when you need a mom minute.
  • Unique, convex shape sparks baby’s curiosity as their reflection constantly changes.
  • Suction cup mount affixes to most flat surfaces and holds the Magic Reflection Ball in place while your child holds, pulls, and climbs around to create added visual stimulation.
  • Great for entertaining baby at restaurants!
  • It helps baby develop: auditory and visual stimulation, curiosity, and oral motor skills.
5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick

The Eddie the Educational Rattle:

  • Winner of the Toy of the Year Award!
  • Infants love to put things in their mouths, so the Educational Eddie Rattle is perfect for babies!
  • It consists of a variety of fun shapes and textures to satisfy their developmental needs.
  • Chewable rope, teething feet, safe, hinged limbs, soft-ripple hat, and rattle help stimulate your child’s senses while keeping them entertained for hours.
  • Perfectly sized for your child to grip and hold on their own
  • No batteries required
  • Help baby develop: Oral motor skills and motor skills.
5 Baby Gifts that Celebrity Moms Love | Baby Chick

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